Mia Mercado

  1. gimme
    I Can’t Wait to Be Absolutely Pummeled by Knives Out 2(Screams in Daniel Craig’s Southern accent)
  2. celebrity
    Notorious Cheater Has Allegedly Cheated AgainThe latest drama with Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian keeps getting messier.
  3. police bruality
    4 Ex-Officers Face Federal Charges for George Floyd’s MurderDerek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers have been indicted by a federal grand jury.
  4. celebrity
    Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. Are Engaged?!The pair shared ring pics on Instagram.
  5. power
    The Matt Gaetz Scandal Keeps Getting WorseHis wingman has agreed to plead guilty in his federal sex-trafficking case, which could spell trouble for the Florida Republican.
  6. coronavirus news
    This $1 Million Giveaway Is Incredibly DystopianOhio officials are offering a seven-figure prize to bribe residents to get the coronavirus vaccine.
  7. horny police
    Kourtney and Travis Are at It AgainThese two really want us to know how into each other they are.
  8. rip
    Bye, EllenThe talk show host just announced her show will be ending next year.
  9. celebrity
    Grimes Was Hospitalized for a Panic Attack Days After Elon Musk’s SNL Debut“I suppose it’s a good time to start therapy,” the musician wrote in an Instagram post.
  10. zuck
    Of Course Mark Zuckerberg Has a Goat Named ‘Bitcoin’Fingers crossed he doesn’t eat this one.
  11. best of both worlds
    So This Is How Billie Eilish Hid Her Blonde HairThe singer confirmed she wore a Billie Eilish Halloween-costume wig on a previous Late Show appearance.
  12. i hate it here
    Jeff Bezos’s New Yacht Comes With Its Own Yacht?The $500 million superyacht is among the largest ever built.
  13. my brain hurts
    Okay, This Is Definitely CheugyThe term’s creator is selling the word as a now heavily discounted NFT.
  14. don’t panic
    Hopefully You Won’t Be Crushed by Space Debris This WeekendExperts don’t know exactly where a 23-ton Chinese rocket part will land.
  15. humblebrag
    Please Don’t Let This Be the End of Shirtless Channing TatumThe actor joked about wanting to be less naked in his movies.
  16. slime puppies
    I Miss My Terrible Rich FamilyPlease just give us season three of Succession already.
  17. who woulda thunk?
    2021 Is the Year of the Unexpected Celebrity CoupleThe pandemic dating scene is full of celeb pairings no one saw coming.
  18. parenting
    The Reports of a Pandemic Baby Bust Are TrueThe birth rate is the lowest it’s been in 42 years.
  19. high five
    Would You Like to Hold Joe Jonas’s Hand?The singer is giving away exact replicas of his right hand as part of a brand partnership.
  20. stop asian hate
    An Asian Woman Was Brutally Attacked With a Hammer in NYCThe NYPD is currently investigating the incident as a hate crime.
  21. swipe left
    Is This Truly How Famous Men Behave?Apparently, this is what happens when you unmatch with Ben Affleck.
  22. kissy kissy
    Even LaKeith Stanfield Wants to Kiss LaKeith StanfieldCan you blame him?
  23. something for the olds
    Turns Out I’m Pretty CheugyThe new word encompasses everything from velour tracksuits to Minions.
  24. trans rights
    Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Trans Girls Shouldn’t Compete in Girls’ SportsThe former Olympic athlete, who is running for California governor as a Republican, called the issue “a question of fairness.”
  25. new duck alert
    Have You Seen This Very Tall Duck?Meet Long Boi.
  26. just a little oopsie
    Whoops, T-Pain Just Discovered Hundreds of Unread DMsThe rapper has accidentally been ignoring celebs’ Instagram messages for years.
  27. celebrity
    A-Rod Wants to Show You His Revenge BodHe’s very proud of his quarantine glow-up.
  28. celebrity
    Elliot Page Sat Down for an Emotional Interview with OprahThe actor’s first TV interview since coming out as trans will be released this Friday.
  29. meat lovers
    Fox News Will Take Any Chance to Tell Us How Much They Love MeatBurgers are very important to them.
  30. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Poker Game in The Parent TrapBecause nothing is more relatable to 12-year-old girls than a tense game of cards.