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  1. slash jobs
    Ke$ha Is the New ‘Brand Ambassador’ for Casio WatchesA designer is born.
  2. the purple diary soap opera
    Olivier Zahm’s Ex-Girlfriend Agreed to See Him Again, and He Blogged About ItAlternative lovers are just like everyone else, crying to their friends and demanding “closure.”
  3. leather and grace
    Kate Moss Does Leather on Leather, Gets Us Excited for WinterShe looks glamorously bored in the new Balmain campaign.
  4. t watch
    Sally Singer Reveals T’s New Fashion Director, and She’s Not From VogueEditor-in-chief replaces Anne Christensen with Michelle Sanders, senior VP of accessories at Donna Karan.
  5. women who won
    Everyone Loves Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Dress — Except Cathy HorynClinton wore Vera Wang, and her new hubby wore Burberry.
  6. party lines
    If the Toledos Had Made the Towels They Made for Target in Their Studio, They Would Have Cost $500For the exact same towel.
  7. party lines
    Alice + Olivia Designer Stacey Bendet Doesn’t Eat Animals, But Feels Glamorous Wearing ThemShe’s a vegan but designs and wears Mongolian fur vests.
  8. party lines
    Ryan McGinley Mulls a Feature Film, While Sophomore’s Chrissie Miller Mulls American ApparelWe chatted them up at the Forever 21 opening party last night.
  9. party lines
    Tilda Swinton’s New Perfume Smells Like a Bunch of Orange ThingsShe explained all to us at her perfume launch last night.
  10. party lines
    Rachel Zoe Does Not Have Time to Watch Kell on EarthShe’s been too busy designing ‘faux’ chinchilla pieces for her QVC collection.
  11. model tracker
    Tambourine Player Abbey Lee Kershaw Draws the Cover Art for Her Indie-Rocker Boyfriend’s AlbumShe does it in a very arty way onstage while the band plays, too.
  12. dreams come shoe
    Joss Stone Doesn’t ‘Really Know Anything’ About Shoe Design, But She Helped Nine West Design Some Anyway“I picked out bits of his design — like on that hat I liked that thing going around it, so I said we should put that on the boot or something similar.”
  13. models and money
    Traders Abandon the Floor to Ogle Models on Wall StreetExpress held a fashion show there today, and throngs came to gawk.
  14. party lines
    Daphne Guinness Explains Her New Love of VeilsThey’re “less pretentious than sunglasses,” she says.
  15. show and tell
    Fern Mallis Thinks This Season’s Models ‘Weren’t Beanpoles’“I haven’t seen so many scary-looking girls this time.”
  16. new york fashion week
    Bryanboy’s Front-Row Prospects: Fifty-fifty“I’m lucky to be able to go to Alexander Wang. Last year they rejected me.”
  17. party report
    Patti Smith Rocks Fashion Week After-PartyAs the drunken crowd stared up at her, Smith remarked, “It looks like hell down there.”
  18. party report
    Steven Alan Officially ‘Bored’ of Plaid“People are not working on boats anymore.”
  19. party lines
    Construction Workers Holler at Tim GunnThey’re big fans of ‘Project Runway.’
  20. party lines
    Lincoln Center’s New Fashion Week Director Challenges PETA to Come and Get HerLooks like moving out of Bryant Park will be fun.
  21. party lines
    Sienna Miller on Plus-Size ModelsOn ‘V’ magazine’s upcoming plus-size issue: “I couldn’t sit here and say, ‘No, I’m not [into it].’”
  22. party lines
    Tom Ford May Be a Control Freak, But He Does Not Throw Temper TantrumsAlso, he likes ‘Twilight.’
  23. party lines
    Courtney Love Recalls the Time Anna Wintour Snubbed HerThis resulted in Sharon Stone yelling at Anna.
  24. party lines
    Adam Lippes Had to Apologize to His InternsHe didn’t mean they don’t have good style — only some of them look kind of weird sometimes.
  25. party lines
    Jean Paul Gaultier Enjoys His Accidental Exhibitionism at the StandardHe’s here to work on his Target line, which he promises will shock people.
  26. party lines
    Daphne Guinness to Celebrate Birthday With a Sandwich and Bikram YogaAlso, she says she doesn’t expect to live much longer, whatever that means.
  27. party lines
    Adam Lippes Thinks It’s Hard to Find an Intern With Good Style“Because they try sooo hard, and it never works!”
  28. party lines
    Leigh Lezark Is Glad Kids Have ‘Some Faggots and a Girl’ to Look Up To“Not a tall, five-foot-ten blonde model, whatever,” she adds.
  29. party lines
    Anna Wintour Recommends Outfit RepeatsAt last, the editor speaks to us on one of the media’s favorite obsessions: her wearing of dresses more than once.
  30. wonder mom
    The Paradox of Dina Lohan and Her New Shoe LineFor the record, it will not be called “Shoe-han.”
  31. party report
    The MisShapes Disdain Homelessness, But Have Sex in Public All the Same“My sweater’s probably worth more than your apartment.”
  32. show and tell
    Thom Browne’s Stunning Mermaid WarriorsHis spring 2010 collection includes swordfish, miniskirts, sequins, tails, and more.
  33. just pants
    Dani Stahl Takes Credit for Proliferation of PantslessnessIf you’re looking for someone to praise (or blame), this gal is ready and waiting.
  34. party report
    When the Going Gets Rough, Kai Kuhne Grabs a Bottle of VodkaFinancial woes might explain why Kuhne “swiped” a bottle of Svedka.
  35. party report
    Mickey Boardman Really Excited to Book Liza MinnelliSeriously. You might be surprised.
  36. party lines
    The Spring 2010 Proenza Schouler Collection Was Born From a Lot of BickeringAlso, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone aren’t talking about their wedding date with reporters anymore.
  37. a rare post on sports
    Rafael Nadal Is Competing in the U.S. Open in See-through Shorts?An investigation reveals yes, that does appear to be the case.
  38. a rare post on sports
    Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams Explain Their Flashy U.S. Open EnsemblesRafa and Roger’s were inspired by New York City taxis and subways, respectively.
  39. make it work
    Tim Gunn: Heidi Klum Is the New Tyra Banks on Models of the RunwayAs we’ve said before, this show sounds amazing.
  40. party lines
    Marc Jacobs Isn’t Looking Forward to Fashion WeekNor does he enjoy it.
  41. let’s party
    Isaac Mizrahi Will Perform a Cabaret Act at Bergdorf for Fashion’s Night OutWhile Rachel Roy teams up with Estelle, the New Museum joins Derek Lam, and other wacky new friendships form.
  42. surrealism
    Smoking in the Girls’ Room With Courtney LoveOur memorable one-night stand with the consummate bad girl.
  43. couture forever
    Couture by the NumbersJust how many seamstresses, yards of fabric, sequins, and false eyelashes are needed by a house to achieve perfection?
  44. party lines
    Erin Lucas Is Leaving The City to Be a GypsyOh, also, she wants to be a television host.
  45. book club
    1,000 Fans Apparently Line Up for Lauren Conrad’s L.A. CandyPeople really want to read the book. Who knew?
  46. party lines
    Zac Posen to Show Facebook-Inspired Spring Collection?It was probably only a matter of time before someone did it.
  47. beauty marks
    Kate Moss’s Vintage Scent; Steve-O Stamps His SobrietyAnd celebrities are sporting electric-blue eyeliner.
  48. pep rallies
    Mayor Bloomberg Teams Up With Vogue for Fashion’s Night OutThe mayor, along with Anna Wintour, announced the best shopping night ever today.
  49. confessions of the rich
    A Luxury Renaissance Is Upon UsLuxury goods are no longer for the aspirational consumer, but only the truly wealthy. And that’s just how rich people like it.
  50. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour Addresses Rumors About Leaving Vogue, Michelle Obama, the Recession, and MoreThe ‘Vogue’ editor opened up in a rare appearance at the 92nd Street Y last night. PETA even crashed the party.
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