1. instagram
    I Made a Shinstagram So That I Could Shop in PeaceBid on vintage blouses from the privacy of a secret Instagram account.
  2. hot shot
    Anne Hathaway Would Carry a SunbrellaBecause it’s important to know what works for you.
  3. badvertising
    Beer Business Sexism Not Limited to Creepy AdsA former executive says she’d have killed those fratty ads — and that the problem is much bigger.
  4. Jessica Alba Needs Those Succulents, Thanks“We needed something alive.”
  5. Miss Piggy, Extraordinary Puppet, to Receive Award for Feminism“Moi is thrilled.”
  6. mating and dating
    What Happens to Pre-Embryos When a Couple Breaks Up?Taking parenthood to new frontiers.
  7. science
    Coming Soon, Maybe: Drugs to Treat Gluten SensitivityThis will do nothing to help those people on gluten-free diets just for the hell of it.
  8. life-changing magic
    A Baby: The Ultimate Tidying Challenge?Marie Kondo is having a child.
  9. hot shots
    Nicki Minaj Hits the Bar Mitzvah CircuitAnd offers advice to the youth!
  10. trending now
    Google Says Jogger Pants Are In for Spring“Normcore? So last year. String bikinis? Most definitely over.”
  11. iud evangelism
    The Freaky History of Your IUD, RevealedGet ready to think about camel uteri!
  12. Rose Byrne Launches All-Female Production Company Taking on the boys’ club with a girls’ club.
  13. extreme measures
    How Models Are Skirting Those BMI Requirements“I even saw them put weights in their hair.”
  14. milestones
    Farewell, Funeral Strippers, We Hardly Knew YeFunerals in China will be less festive.
  15. relationships
    Every Relationship’s Greatest Threat: IKEA“The store literally becomes a map of a relationship nightmare.”
  16. for your health
    Do You Actually Know What’s in Your Tampons?Probably not!
  17. gestures
    Beyoncé Graciously Agrees to Wear Apple Watch “Oh, that’s cute.”
  18. youth
    Kanye West Is Jealous of Toddlers“My goal is to be as close to a five-year-old, or a four-year-old, or a three-year-old, as possible.”
  19. teens
    ‘Feminist’ T-Shirt Censored in Middle-School Photo“I want everyone to realize that we need feminism.”
  20. the future is now
    Love in the Uncanny Valley: Men and Sex Dolls“I really like women but I don’t like to be around people.”
  21. very modern medicine
    There’s New Hope for Women With Thinning HairA solution less intense than hair transplants.
  22. just kendall
    Highlights From GQ’s Kendall Jenner ProfileWhat do we learn about “Keezus”?
  23. teens
    Things Teens Love: Michael Kors BagsAll hail the fickle, powerful teen.
  24. beliefs
    Female CEO Says POTUS Is a Man’s JobHillary’s hormones disqualify her.
  25. fitness
    SoulCycle Plans Its Continued ConquestThe fitness cult’s founders have their eyes on Riccardo Tisci collaborations and London real estate.
  26. a day in the life
    The Most Profound Moments From a Day With Kim Kardashian“I don’t watch a whole lot of TV or movies, but when I do it’s typically murder shows.”
  27. the color purple
    Marissa Mayer Hates Purple and Cupcakes, Okay?She’d like to set the record straight on these important matters.
  28. blessed be the child
    North West Was Baptized in Jerusalem TodayJust a simple family gathering. 
  29. who runs the world?
    This Is the First Female Face Google Finds When You Search ‘CEO’ She leans in on plastic elbows.
  30. motherhood
    Chelsea Clinton Talks About Motherhood and Her Mom in Next Month’s ElleGuess who she’s calling a “chunky monkey creature”!
  31. wearable tech
    Maybe This Female Condom Will Be Something Other Than a Vibrating Vagina-LinerA new contraceptive that promises high returns. 
  32. parenthood
    Parents of Teens Are Keeping Close Watch on Their Kids’ Social-Media AccountsMom and Dad are reading their teens’ tweets.