1. covid-19
    What Should We Wear Now?A year into the pandemic, there are no more dress codes.
  2. personal project
    All the Ways I Failed at Self-ImprovementHow could anyone possibly get through weeks of terrorized confinement without coming out the other side a worse version of their former self?
  3. The Best of New York Health & Self 2018Pregnant workouts, a keratin alternative, and a tell-it-like-it-is astrologer.
  4. the strategist
    My Favorite Fruit-Shaped Hand Cream Doubles As a Pill HolderCan also hold gum, almonds, and paper-clips.
  5. the strategist
    I Buy This Bare-Bones Body Lotion in Bulk and Store It in My RefrigeratorIt sinks in quickly and leaves no evidence behind.
  6. the strategist
    Buy a Fishless Fishbowl to Hold All Your ClutterA $17 life hack.
  7. the strategist
    The Best Foot Peel Is Japanese and Called Baby FootAt this point I won’t even buy a beauty product unless there’s an extensively illustrated Reddit thread devoted to its efficacy.
  8. the strategist
    The Best Eye Drops Are Yves Klein Blue Eye DropsFor the person who wants the maximum dose of the most extreme solution available, every time.
  9. the strategist
    Buying Pink Stuff Has Drastically Improved My LifeSherbet cups, licorice allsorts, and more.
  10. cube life
    I Lost It When My Work Husband Left MeHe was always there for me — until he quit.
  11. conspicuous consumption
    A New Instagram Obsession: Russian Women With Many FlowersWhy do these women have so many flowers? What are all these flowers communicating?
  12. profile
    Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso on Millennial AdviceThe Nasty Gal founder wants to be the reality check for a generation that already knows how to lean in.
  13. profile
    How Did Susan Miller Become the Go-To Astrologer for the New York Fashion Set?She predicts — and maybe shapes — everything that will happen in their world.