Naomi Elias is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who has been covering books and entertainment for nearly a decade. Her work has appeared in The Nation, W magazine, Elle, InStyle, and Interview magazine.

  1. q&a
    Clarkisha Kent Takes Aim at Racialized Fatphobia in Her New MemoirFilled with pop-culture references, Fat Off, Fat On: A Big Bitch Manifesto is a tool to unlearn anti-fat messaging.
  2. the bigger picture
    A Collective Family Photo AlbumExclusive images from Renata Cherlise’s Black Archives: A Photographic Celebration of Black Life.
  3. career
    The Case for Meh AmbitionLongtime Hollywood assistant Sona Movsesian’s new memoir is a lesson in doing less to gain the most.
  4. stans
    The Fangirls Deserve Your RespectA conversation with Kaitlyn Tiffany, whose new book explores the very real political and social power of screaming fans.
  5. books
    No, It’s Not Just You. We’re All Lonely.In her new book, Kristen Radtke writes about the loneliness epidemic and why we’re desperate for touch.
  6. women in stem
    Study Finds Women Who Were Into The X-Files Are More Likely to Work in STEMIt’s “the Scully Effect.”
  7. everyday heroes
    Here’s the Woman Who Saved the Day in Yesterday’s Plane EmergencySouthwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults is the female Sully.
  8. transgender rights
    New York City Will Soon House Inmates According to Their Gender Identity“It’s the city’s responsibility to protect the rights and safety of all New Yorkers.”
  9. firsts
    Tammy Duckworth Wants to Allow Babies in the SenateThis would be a historic win for families with working moms.
  10. How Many Kids Does Tristan Thompson Have?The answer will surprise you.
  11. beychella
    Beyoncé Is Gifting $100,000 to 4 Historically Black CollegesFollowing her electrifying Coachella performance referencing traditions at HBCUs.
  12. Solange’s Newest Performance Art Project Will Help You Silence Your Mind“Metatronia centers around building frequency and creating charge through visual storytelling.”