1. science of us
    The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic MasculinitySome experts are skeptical that it can actually change behavior outside the classroom.
  2. science of us
    Does Happiness Really Make You Healthier? It Depends on Where You LiveA new study makes the case that the effect varies by culture.
  3. A New Study Says Heavy Drinking Has Become a ‘Public Health Crisis’Rates of alcohol abuse are on the rise, especially for women, minorities, and the elderly.
  4. Married People Used to Be Healthier — But Not AnymoreNew research found that the so-called “protective effect” of getting married has disappeared. The next step is figuring out why.
  5. A New Paper Breaks Down the Health Effects of the 2016 ElectionBeyond just health policy.
  6. Why We Trust Doctors More If We Can Relate to ThemEven though sharing a common life experience doesn’t always mean you’ll get better care.
  7. Liberals and Conservatives Are Equally Likely to Seek Out Political BubblesA new study found that people on both sides of the political divide will actively avoid exposing themselves to opinions they disagree with.
  8. Keeping Secrets Isn’t So Bad for You After All — With One ExceptionPast research has suggested that keeping a secret can hurt your mental and physical well-being. A new study says it’s more nuanced than that.
  9. Why ‘Just Relax’ Has Always Been Bad Advice for Women Looking to Get PregnantConnecting stress to infertility is a medical belief with a long, sexist history.
  10. How Adoptees Are Filling In the Holes in Their Family Medical HistoryGenome sequencing can be illuminating, but it’s also an ethical minefield.
  11. How to Talk About Climate Change So Anyone Will ListenA primer for getting climate skeptics — or people who are just indifferent — to care about the future of the planet.