1. health
    What We Still Don’t Know About Heavy FlowMeasuring blood loss during a heavy period is more complicated than it seems. The consequences, even more so.
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    Gynecology Has a Pain ProblemOur discomfort is routine. What if it didn’t have to be?
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    Being Hangry Almost Destroyed My RelationshipA story of food, fights, and plenty of therapy.
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    Treating My Anxiety Made My Sex Life WorseAnti-anxiety medication made me feel better, but it also killed my ability to orgasm.
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    When Anxiety Feels More Physical Than MentalI’d faced mental illness before, but this time, it was unrecognizable to me — possibly because my biggest symptom was a stomachache.
  6. The Psychology of ‘So Good It Makes Me Angry’What it means when your reaction doesn’t quite match up with your emotions.