1. dating
    How to Choose the Right Date SpotEight things to consider.
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    ‘Why Are All Men Trash?’This attitude is probably not going to help you find love.
  3. seeing someone
    ‘My Husband Hates Our Open Marriage!’You deserve to have your desires fulfilled. But proceed carefully.
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    ‘Does Paying for OnlyFans Count As Cheating?’You get to define what infidelity looks like in your relationship.
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    Help! Both Women I’m Seeing Want to Be Instagram OfficialYou don’t have to “launch” a relationship if you don’t want to.
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    A Few Words From a Professional Profile-Pic Whisperer “Most of my clients don’t know how to take photos.”
  7. still swiping
    A Mini Tinder Time CapsuleA decade of ghosting, emojis, and urban legends.
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    How Do I Break Up With Someone I See Every Week?You can’t ghost IRL, so learn to face the weirdness head-on.
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    Am I Way Too Picky on Dating Apps?It’s fine to avoid red flags, but don’t overthink your swipes.
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    Can I Be Chill About Dating a Poly Guy?Maybe, but it’s probably not worth the work for a casual relationship.
  11. seeing someone
    Help! I’m 25 and Have Never Been KissedDon’t panic. Being a late bloomer just makes you more interesting.
  12. seeing someone
    ‘Why Isn’t Anyone Sliding Into My DMs?!’This isn’t about you ‘not being hot’ on Instagram.