Rebecca Traister

Columnist, the Cut.

  1. women's march 2017
    The Complicated, Controversial, Historic, Inspiring Women’s MarchThe movement survives not in spite of its cacophony, but because of it.
  2. the body politic
    Fake News and Why Doctors Lie About AbortionThe consequences of bad information about women’s health.
  3. the body politic
    Identity Issues Don’t Distract From Economic Issues — They Are Economic IssuesWhat Trumpism could do to our human infrastructure.
  4. Blaming Clinton’s Base for Her Loss Is the Ultimate InsultThe women and people of color who have the most to lose under Trump are receiving the lion’s share of the fault for our recent national cataclysm.
  5. cut cover story
    Hillary Clinton Didn’t Shatter the Glass Ceiling. This Is What Broke Instead.Hillary Clinton aimed at the highest glass ceiling. What broke instead was the coalition she thought would pierce it — and faith that it will happen.
  6. election 2016
    The Female Politician Trying to Turn Georgia BlueStacey Abrams, Georgia’s Democratic House Minority Leader, on why Georgia is a test case for the rest of the United States.
  7. the body politic
    Michelle Obama Just Gave This Election’s Most Important SpeechIt was a speech the country desperately needed.
  8. the body politic
    Trump’s One Public Service Was Exposing the Misogyny of the GOPThis weekend, Trump went down in a blaze of revelation, tying his own outsize loutishness to the everyday misogyny of his party.
  9. Donald Trump’s New Anti-Abortion Letter Should Terrify YouHe wants to return women to secondary status, unable to exert control over their own bodies.
  10. the body politic
    Ivanka Trump Is Lying About Both Candidates’ Records on Family LeaveShe had trouble under even mild scrutiny, and instead revealed herself as just as defensive and dishonest as her father.
  11. media
    Stop Trying to Make Anthony Weiner’s Sexting a Political IssueYesterday was one of the dumbest days of the presidential campaign — a high bar!
  12. the body politic
    Donald Trump and the Long History of White Men Claiming FraudHe is not the first candidate to cry illegitimacy.
  13. early and often
    Hillary Poised to Make the ‘Impossible Possible’Her very presence on the stage tonight was a testament to the speed (and difficulty) with which the world has changed.
  14. democratic national convention
    Clinton Is First Man to Give First Lady SpeechTaking a cue from Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton signaled that he’s ready for the role of the brilliant and hugely overqualified presidential helpmate.
  15. early and often
    Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Eviscerated TrumpIt wasn’t just one of the most ingenious convention speeches ever given by a political spouse, it was one of the finest convention speeches, period.
  16. the body politic
    Ivanka’s Right About Women, Wrong on Dad’s PlanThe evidence shows Trump himself, and certainly the GOP, wants to return women to a subservient past.
  17. the body politic
    As Roger Ailes Falls, So Too Does the GOP’s Mask of InclusivityBoth the Republican Party and its media arm are being brought down by the public exposure of the subjugation on which their success was built.
  18. the body politic
    What Mass Killers Really Have in CommonThe horrific connection between terrorism and domestic violence.
  19. the body politic
    What History Teaches Us About Today’s Political and Racial TurmoilThe stew of instability, fear, and hate is chillingly familiar. 
  20. the body politic
    Progressives Should Be Thrilled About Clinton (and Warren)Cheer up, electoral Eeyores.
  21. the body politic
    Why Do Democrats Feel So Much Anxiety?A flailing Trump does not assuage liberal panic in the slightest.
  22. the body politic
    After Orlando, It’s Clearer Than Ever: This Election Is a Civil WarThe battle lines are being drawn.
  23. election 2016
    The Sanders Campaign’s Sexist New Argument: Hillary Tries Too HardAmbition is only a problem when it shows up in women.
  24. all politics are local
    New York Just Created a Revolutionary New Family-Leave PolicyWomen and men will both be entitled to 12 paid weeks off.
  25. campaign 2016
    Could Hillary Clinton Ever Have Imagined This?The first nominated female candidate against the face of American misogyny.
  26. cut cover story
    Single Women Are Now the Most Potent Political Force in AmericaThe most powerful voter this year, who in her rapidly increasing numbers has become an entirely new category of citizen, is the single American woman.
  27. cut cover story
    Marcia Clark Is RedeemedWith a push from the O.J. mini-series, the ’90s bogeywoman is set to become a feminist icon.
  28. campaign 2016
    In Iowa, Hillary Shows She’s Learned Something About Running While FemaleIt may work for Bernie, but no one likes a woman who yells loudly about revolution.
  29. cut cover story
    Smirking in the Boys’ Room With Samantha BeeShe’s about to become the first female host of a late-night satirical news show. She wants to make damn sure she’s not the last.
  30. Hillary Clinton’s New Defense of Abortion RightsHer call to repeal the ban on federal funding for abortion is a big deal.
  31. the body politic
    Why Should Wives Have to Answer for Their Husbands’ Behavior?Camille Cosby, Hillary Clinton, and the marital double-bind.
  32. campaign 2016
    The Debate Showed the Democrats at Their BestHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were knowledgeable, funny, and lightyears ahead of their GOP counterparts.
  33. the body politic
    The Election and the Death Throes of White Male PowerThe rage on the main stage of the debate is just a mirror to what is brewing across the country in the face of extraordinary change.
  34. the body politic
    Why Do We Humanize White Guys Who Kill People?Sorry, black teenagers, women, victims.
  35. How the Planned Parenthood Attack Could Reverse the Politics of AbortionThe Democrats are no longer treating it like a dirty word.
  36. campaign 2016
    The Democrats’ Second Debate Showcased Their WeaknessesThey may be leagues ahead of the Republican candidates, but they still have some serious flaws.
  37. the body politic
    The Bernie Bros vs. the HillarybotsBattling it out on the internet campaign trail.
  38. sex on campus
    Why Sex That’s Consensual Can Still Be Bad. And Why We’re Not Talking About It.The game is rigged.
  39. Why Sex That’s Consensual Can Still Be Bad. And Why We’re Not Talking About It.The game is rigged.
  40. the body politic
    It’s Time for Democrats to Stop Freaking Out About 2016The first debate was great for Hillary fans, Sanders supporters, and the entire party.
  41. the body politic
    Wife of Bernie Sanders Suddenly InvisibleA new profile of Jane Sanders omits all of her professional accomplishments.
  42. the body politic
    Stop Treating Young Women Like DumbbellsWhy do conservatives think they can get away with this? 
  43. the body politic
    Guess What? Americans Love Planned ParenthoodMore than they love either political party or any presidential candidate.
  44. the body politic
    The Muppets Should Not Be Having Sex, PeopleIs Animal an animal in the sack? I don’t want to know.
  45. the body politic
    Why Vanessa Williams Should Ditch Her Crown Once and For All She is the woman whose experience perhaps most dramatically emblematized the Miss America Pageant’s shortsighted double standards.
  46. the body politic
    The Relatable Hillary: What Her Emails Really RevealFrom fax machines to The Good Wife, those mundane exchanges might finally accomplish what the candidate could not: making Clinton relatable. 
  47. the body politic
    Is Joe Biden Getting a Gender Advantage?His record is fairly similar to Hillary Clinton’s, yet he gets all the love — and very little hate.
  48. the body politic
    The Big Secret of Abortion: Women Already Know How It WorksPlanned Parenthood and the truth about women’s bodies.
  49. scotus
    Marriage Equality Is Also a Win for Single PeopleIf only Anthony Kennedy realized that.