Samhita Mukhopadhyay is a Cut contributor. She was most recently executive editor at Teen Vogue. She’s the co-editor of the anthology Nasty Women and is the author of the forthcoming book The Myth of Making It.

  1. first person
    Mounjaro and MeBody positivity was my salvation from an anti-fat world. Then my doctor prescribed me an injectable weight-loss drug that upended everything.
  2. power
    Elizabeth Warren Is Still FuriousThe senator spoke with the Cut about the threat to Roe, recent mass shootings, and why “we don’t have the luxury of quitting.”
  3. nostalgia
    Reuniting With Romy and MicheleIt’s the kind of friendship found in the buddy rom-com classic — which turns 25 this week — that makes high school worth it.
  4. culture
    Reclaiming Myself Through ScentA conversation with the author of In Sensorium on the radical power of mapping history through smell.
  5. power
    AOC Knows Exactly What She’s DoingHer “Tax the Rich” gown at the Met Gala was intended to stir up conversation, and we ate it up.
  6. #girlpower
    The Demise of the GirlbossThe trope was infantilizing, sexist, and a pitfall of corporate feminism. But for many women, it was also essential.
  7. The Wrong Way to Deal With Online HarassmentA tech conference responded to threats with an option women don’t have — hiding.