Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz

  1. keeping up with the royals
    Baby Archie Is a Confirmed GingerMaster Archie now has “tufts of reddish hair.”
  2. instagram
    Jennifer Aniston Has Already Mastered the Art of InstagramYou can sort of make out the cast of Friends.
  3. culture
    Rihanna Has Nothing But Respect for That Unprepared Vogue Writer“If you don’t have to prepare, girl, you’re gangster.”
  4. celebrity
    Inside the Bieber’s Haunted Fun House(Their Beverly Hills home.)
  5. totally kind of hot
    Who Is This Handsome-ish Mayor?The DL on Jacob Frey.
  6. politics
    Ellen DeGeneres Defends Her Friendship With George W. Bush“Just because I don’t agree with someone on everything doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be friends with them,” she said on her show.
  7. celebrity
    All the Pics of Hailey Bieber’s “Statement” Wedding Dress“TILL DEATH DO US PART”
  8. keeping up with the royals
    Swedish King Removes 5 Grandchildren From the Royal HouseThey don’t have to do royal stuff anymore.
  9. movies
    For Its Next Trick, Joker Will Rescue Pedophile’s 70s Hit From Musical ObscurityAnother surprise Easter egg.
  10. celebrity
    Why Hot Priest Is So HotThe secret behind Fleabag’s very hot priest, explained.
  11. lawsuits
    Prince Harry Is Suing British Tabloids for Alleged Phone-HackingIt’s the second legal move he’s made against the industry in a week.
  12. culture
    Ah Yes, Another Thing About White Male PoliticiansJust what we need!
  13. wellness
    Does Gwyneth Paltrow Even Know What Goop Sells?Camel’s milk and a questionable sex toy seemed to surprise her in a Kimmel interview.
  14. celebrity
    It’s True, Lana Del Rey Is Dating an Influencer Cop“He gets it. He sees both sides of things,” she said of the self-described “popo.”
  15. keeping up with the kardashians
    Everything You Missed When You Stopped Paying Attention to the KardashiansAn exhaustive guide to a year’s worth of antics.
  16. culture
    Vice Media Has Acquired Refinery29The deal closed Tuesday.
  17. culture
    Actual Churchgoers Are Getting Sick of Kanye’s Fake ChurchThis weekend’s Sunday Service in Queens saw several walkouts.
  18. celebrity
    Timothée Chalamet, Benevolent Bagel KingHe offered bagels instead of autographs at The King’s New York premiere.
  19. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle Is Suing the Daily MailThe tabloid has vilified her since she came into royal life.
  20. celebrity
    ‘Savage’ Justin Bieber Has Married ‘Fire’ Bride Hailey Baldwin, AgainPictures and details from the South Carolina fête.
  21. celebrity
    Stacey Dash Was Arrested for Domestic ViolenceThe Clueless actress was taken into custody for 24 hours.
  22. power
    Hillary Clinton Tells People to ‘Get Over’ Joe Biden’s Ceaseless Creepy TouchingShe called Biden’s kisses, nuzzles, and hugs “a little annoying habit.”
  23. celebrity
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Had No Idea That Target Photo Became a Cultural ArtifactAnd other notes from the weird event where I asked two celebs two insane questions.
  24. relationships
    The Studio Behind Midsommar Is Offering Free Couples TherapyIf death cults have started straining things.
  25. hot shot
    Charlize Theron’s Bowl Cut SpeaksA quick update.
  26. culture
    The French Girl’s Guide to DisneylandLet your hair air dry, wear a red lip, and take LSD.
  27. wellness
    The Celebrity Wellness Routine to End All Celebrity Wellness RoutinesMiranda Kerr’s “wellness musts” include radiation-detecting stickers and an EMF detector.
  28. fashion
    About That Anna Wintour Masterclass …I learned some things, but not what’s advertised.
  29. 2019 emmys
    Genteel Southern Gentlemen Stole the Emmy’s Red Carpet“He looks like he’s leading a tour of the Mississippi river.”
  30. 2019 emmys
    Bill Hader’s Status As a Sex Symbol Is Cemented at the EmmysHader fever has hit America.
  31. 2019 emmys
    Jenny McCarthy’s Emmys Red-Carpet Interviews Were ExcruciatingShe asked Christina Applegate, a three-time lead-actress nominee, how she felt about her first lead-actress nomination.
  32. crime
    Church of Scientology Hit With Child Sexual Abuse AllegationThe new suit, filed in Miami, makes claims of child sexual abuse, sexual battery, conspiracy, and more.
  33. instagram
    Instagram Will No Longer Promote Diet Products to MinorsIf you’re under 18, you’ll stop seeing ads for detox tea and other appetite suppressants.
  34. #metoo
    Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies Ahead of TrialAn anonymous massage therapist died before he was set to appear in court.
  35. celebrity
    Taylor Swift Says She Didn’t Know She Was an Alt-Right IconShe didn’t have internet on her phone, so.
  36. culture
    Barbie’s Latest Makeover Is Mostly JuvédermRIP to Barbie’s signature natural look.
  37. influencers
    Enterprising Florida Woman Makes $100,000 a Year Off of Tongue PicsThis influencer built a lucrative brand around her uncommonly long tongue.
  38. the carters
    Beyoncé’s Kids Make Rare Appearance in Her New MovieBlue Ivy steals the spotlight in ‘Making the Gift’.