Sarah Weinman is the author of Scoundrel and The Real Lolita and editor of several anthologies. Her 2019 The Cut feature "Before, and After, the Jogger" was a 2020 National Magazine Award finalist in Reporting.

  1. royals
    Kate Middleton Wanted the Same Privacy I HadAs a cancer survivor, I understand why the Princess of Wales tried to protect her diagnosis.
  2. book excerpt
    The Editor and the MurdererWhen Sophie Wilkins heard about death-row prisoner Edgar Smith, she was determined to edit his book. Then the two became something more.
  3. feature
    The Woman on the BridgeEstelle knew her fiancé had betrayed her. She had no idea what else he was capable of.
  4. crime
    Before, and After, the JoggerSurvivors of the real ‘Central Park Five’ attacker speak for the first time.
  5. bad men
    Quit Using Lolita To Absolve Your Guilt, John HockenberryHe gets Nabokov’s novel all wrong.
  6. book excerpt
    The Last Days of the Real LolitaAn excerpt from Sarah Weinman’s new book tells what happened to Sally Horner after the kidnapping that helped inspire Nabokov’s novel.
  7. science of us
    Did Drinking Give Me Breast Cancer? I Don’t Know.And neither do you.