1. winter weddings 2016
    Real Wedding Album: A Sit-down Brooklyn Barbecue“If our wedding had a mission statement, the rule was: Just come and be.”
  2. winter weddings 2016
    Real Wedding Album: A Burlesque Bash With Confetti and Tacos“I have an elderly relative who is an Auschwitz survivor. Having him and his wife at my weird gay wedding was incredible.”
  3. winter weddings 2016
    Why You Should Consider a Day WeddingIt’s cheaper, and you can eat scrambled eggs.
  4. winter weddings 2016
    How to Have a Social-Media-Optimized WeddingWhat to tweet, how to Instagram, and when to put the phone away. 
  5. Real Wedding Album: An International Affair, 6 Months After the CeremonyThe groom’s dad flew in from Japan, the bride’s family made the journey from Taiwan, and 40 guests feasted on pumpkin-filled gnocchi.
  6. winter weddings 2016
    Real Wedding Album: An All-DIY Farm PartyThe couple enlisted their circle of artist pals to help them make everything — from tepees “so our friends could smoke pot or make out without our parents seeing” to dream-catchers they strung from trees.