1. Gloria Steinem on Whether It’s Possible to Feel Compassion for TrumpThe icon talks about the president-elect, bullying, and her forthcoming book.
  2. women in hollywood
    It’s Probably Not a Great Idea to Give Meryl Streep Acting AdviceNo one tells Meryl how to do her job.
  3. If the Music Industry Were Run by WomenDaydreaming at the Grammys after-parties.
  4. party chat
    Naked Is Normal, Says Emily RatajkowskiStop being weird and celebrate it.
  5. party chat
    Rachel Zoe Says People Are Afraid She Will Judge ThemShe claims she only notices outfits when she’s on the clock.
  6. fashion goddesses
    Lauren Hutton Chopped Her Hair Off Herself“I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of poultry shears.”
  7. r.i.p. zelda
    From the Vault: Life Lessons From Zelda KaplanA posthumous interview with the late, great Zelda.
  8. party chat
    Tyra Banks Spends More Time in New York Public Libraries Than You DoShe calls them her “home.”
  9. magical mystery tours
    Touring David Copperfield’s Personal Museum of Antique Curiosities With Roberto Cavalli and Owen WilsonThe magician puts on a show.
  10. party lines
    Sarah Silverman Ruins All the Clothes Designers Send Her“I’m sort of embarrassed that I dress like a sloppy Jewy dyke.”
  11. party lines
    Dexter-Jones: Lohan Can’t Be HelpedThe Ronson matriarch had cold comfort for Lindsay Lohan at her daughter Charlotte’s show.
  12. party lines
    Daphne Guinness to Celebrate Birthday With a Sandwich and Bikram YogaAlso, she says she doesn’t expect to live much longer, whatever that means.