1. campaign trail
    Watch Bella Hadid Work It in Givenchy’s New VideoWalking through doors has never looked this good.
  2. A Happy Relationship Changes the Way You See Other PeopleIt’s called “perceptual downgrading.”
  3. gender
    Explaining the Implicit Quota on Women ExecutivesA quiet sense of “that’s enough” seems to take hold within a company once a woman gets to the top.
  4. A Simple Trick to Get a Song Out of Your HeadHas science finally figured out how to prevent the world’s most annoying phenomenon?
  5. religion
    A Rabbi and an Atheist Talk Good and Evil“There’s no data that shows that atheists are less moral than theists.”
  6. nutrition
    How Americans Became Obsessed With Vitamins, and Why That’s a ProblemNo, adding vitamins to sugar water doesn’t suddenly make it good for you.
  7. mental health
    How to Maintain Your Sanity During a Winter From HellIt’s hard to keep things in perspective when you can look outside your window and see 100 inches of snow.
  8. sex
    You Are Probably Not Great at Judging When Someone Is Flirting With YouSo says a recent study.