1. Raf Simons Makes His Fashion Show Feel Like a MovieThe elevator pitch for this movie would be: Blade Runner meets mid-century couture, post-punk and grunge, in the bowels of Chinatown.
  2. treat yourself
    Oooh! All-White Birkenstocks to Rival Those All-Black BirkenstocksThey make you look like you’re in a super-chic cult.
  3. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter July 2017: We Are Your Beach ReadYou know you take your phone to the beach.
  4. shelf improvement
    I Hate This Book About Lifehacks, But I Can’t Stop Reading ItWhat if somewhere in these 600 pages lies a valuable nugget of self-transformative gold?
  5. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter June 2017: That’s a BopShirley Manson headlines a month of music on the Cut.
  6. gucci cruise 2018
    Gucci’s Cruise Show Was an Homage to the God of Wine and PartyingThe brand returned to its roots in Florence, staging a magnificent event in the Pitti Palace.
  7. treat yourself
    A Face Cream Worth a Thousand Words (and $260)The dense (but also inexplicably light), dry (but mysteriously buttery) SK-II Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream.
  8. treat yourself
    A Perfect ‘Fancy’ White TeeFor those of us willing to pay a premium for design.
  9. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter May 2017: Everything’s Coming Up RosesSome of the things to expect this month on the Cut.
  10. editor’s letter
    April 2017: Pants Are ProblematicThis month on the Cut we explore popularity, ankles, equal pay, and more.
  11. editor’s letter
    Welcome to the Cut’s Spring Fashion IssueA celebration of nonconformity.
  12. The Best of New York Beauty 2017Brow tats, IMAX workouts, the drybar of hair color, and more
  13. new york fashion week men’s
    Raf Simons’s Men’s Show Was a Little Love Note to New YorkThe styling gesture felt slapdash but elegant — gritty but gamine.
  14. wrinkles in time
    Can Age-Shaming Be the Next Fat-Shaming?I’ve spent an awful lot of time worrying about looking old, and I’m ready to give it a rest.
  15. appearances
    Hillary’s No-Makeup Face As Rorschach TestHow you interpret her choices likely says more about you than her.
  16. taking care of business
    I Had No Sympathy for Working Moms Till I Became OneUnfortunately, empathy is not always a default setting.
  17. yeezy season 4
    The Models at Kanye’s Yeezy Season 4 Show Deserved BetterWhy do we expect women who work in fashion to suffer?
  18. swellness
    How One Woman Was Able To Cope With Chronic Pain From FibromyalgiaWhat’s it like when doctors don’t believe you and you live with chronic pain.
  19. binaries
    Introducing Mansplaining, a New Series on the CutAlso, the Cut is devoting this week to letting men explain things to us. Naturally, we’ve named the package Mansplaining.
  20. how to raise a misandrist
    Howard Stern, Donald Trump, My Dad: Lessons in How Men Talk About Women“Every man decides whether he wants to have sex with a woman within 30 seconds of meeting her.”
  21. women in hollywood
    Why Not Ask a Powerful Man What He’s Doing to Help Women?A modest proposal based on a real-life conversation.
  22. 5 Things We Loved From Milan This WeekendSparkly coats and python pumps.
  23. Everything About Milan Makes You Want to ShopFive notable events from Fashion Month yesterday.
  24. the hit list
    Prada Made Us Fall in Love With Fashion All Over AgainOur five favorite things from Day Two of Milan Fashion Week.
  25. sequels
    Zoolander 2: Absolute Fashion Corrupts AbsolutelyYou can’t parody from inside.
  26. what would kim gordon do
    Listening to Stevie Nicks With Kim Gordon and Daryl KAn afternoon in L.A., bathed in nostalgia for ‘90s New York.
  27. Everything You Need to Know About Milan Fashion WeekFrom the best models to the best shoes.
  28. Everything You Need to Know About the Second Half of Fashion WeekA handy table of contents for all the craziness, celebs, beauty, and Kardashians.
  29. Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Week So FarPretend you were there the whole time.
  30. the hit list
    9 Amazing Moments at the Givenchy Show, Not Including the ClothesTisci and his crew showed America how it gets DONE.
  31. good talk
    Amy Odell on Fashion, Writing, and the InternetThe veteran Cut editor is publishing her first book.
  32. male feminists
    So, You’re a Male Feminist in an Open Marriage … ?Further questions for the couple behind last week’s divisive essay.
  33. See Cool Photos of the Real Jean ShrimptonA totally indulgent vintage slideshow of the model’s cool style.
  34. the hitlist
    All of the Magic, Dizzying Moments From Milan Fashion WeekFrescoes, discos, and some Moschino underwear. 
  35. 10 Totally Special Moments From the End of Fashion Week Chirlane at Ralph, a particularly persistent crasher, and Kanye overload.
  36. the hit list
    15 More Fantastic, Absurd Things at Fashion WeekWe miss all the rappers and B-ballers.
  37. the hit list
    14 Glorious, Funny Moments From Fashion WeekAnna took Advil, North West found a monkey, and so much more. 
  38. 14 Super-Cool Moments From the First Few Days of Fashion WeekAnd by “cool” we mean freezing cold.
  39. uniforms that work
    Don’t Cleanse Your Diet, Purge Your Closet InsteadIt’s a lot more productive than worrying about losing weight.
  40. milan dispatch
    10 Highs From the Final Days of Milan Fashion WeekSequins, lady bullfighters, DIY Marni baubles, and more.
  41. milan dispatch
    13 More Glamorous Moments From Milan Fashion WeekLife-size Barbies, Amy Adams, Nietzsche, and lollipops.
  42. dispatches
    Milan Fashion Week Kicks Off With a Delicious StartChampagne, jet lag, and luxury festival wear.
  43. the hit list
    19 Glorious Moments From the End of New York Fashion WeekIt went out with a bang.
  44. the hit list
    19 Ridiculous, Magic Moments at Fashion Week So FarWe’re halfway done; time for a midweek assessment.
  45. always shopping
    These Nikes Are Nuts, in a Good WayBut buyers, beware: People will want to talk to you about them.
  46. trading in cliches
    22 Ways to Show Sex Without Actually Showing ItDon’t worry; they’re definitely SFW.
  47. cfd-hayyy
    Read Full Transcripts of Anna Wintour’s and Rihanna’s CFDA SpeechesEven as a child I remember thinking, “She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.”
  48. conversations
    How Do I Explain the Stolen Nigerian Girls to My 3rd Grade Daughter?Trying to explain the Boko Haram kidnappings to my third-grade daughter.
  49. And Now, Our $300K Birthday Wish ListThe Overspenders are baaaaack.
  50. party pics
    MAC Celebrates Mary Katrantzou at IndochineA perfect fashion dinner.
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