1. Let’s Talk About That Group Philip Joins in This Season of The AmericansA primer on EST, or Erhard Seminars Training.
  2. sleep
    Are Naps Actually Good for Economic Productivity?It’s a question economists have been, well, sleeping on.
  3. Cool, This Sleeping Pill Helps You Fall Asleep a Whole 6 Minutes FasterCompared to a placebo.
  4. Adult Virgins Say They Don’t Want to Date Other Adult VirginsA new study investigates the social stigma of virginity.
  5. As You Suspected, Your Parents Absolutely Do Have a Favorite ChildNearly two-thirds of moms and dads surveyed admitted as much to researchers.
  6. Chimps Perform Rituals. Does That Make Them Spiritual?Separating fact from fiction in coverage of a new animal-behavior study.
  7. Scientists Have Identified a Universal Nope FaceIts existence points to a key difference between animal communication and human language.
  8. Serious Question: Can a Parrot Act As a Witness in Court?The bizarre case of Echo, “the parrot who saw too much.”
  9. intelligence
    Turns Out Blonde Ladies Are the SmartestWell, the smartest ladies, at least.
  10. A New Study Helps Explain Why Some People Can See So Many Colors“Think of someone who has superior muscles but never learned to run. You can have the potential but it’s only realized if you use it.”
  11. Why Minorities Face More Health Problems From Work StressA new study shows that less education means less secure employment and more stress — which can be deadly.
  12. How Your Parents and Siblings Shape Your Career PathInsights culled from Facebook data.
  13. Tears Are a Luxury ItemResearch suggests people in privileged societies are more prone to weepiness.
  14. What a Starvation Study From the 1940s Reveals About the Awfulness of Dieting“Hanger” is a powerful feeling.
  15. These 13 Lucky Jerks Ditched Email for a Week, for ScienceWhen is the next round of this study?
  16. Humans Aren’t the Only Species That Suffer Through Small Talk Lemurs chitchatting with lemurs.
  17. You Call It Burnout. These Scientists Might Call It Depression.A new study argues that burnout and depression might sometimes be one and the same.
  18. How the Clothes You Wear Help You FocusOr don’t.
  19. What It Feels Like to Be a Dyslexic ReaderMany with the learning disorder say a developer’s interpretation is pretty close to the real thing.
  20. What Makes One Animal a Pet and Another a Pest?An animal behaviorist on the surprisingly blurry line that separates the two.
  21. Feeling Like Your Partner ‘Gets’ You Really Is a Big DealAnd this is true “regardless of whether it’s grounded in reality.”
  22. This Professor Thinks He’s Figured Out How to Get Students to StudyHe did a little experiment on his unknowing students.
  23. What Makes Swearing So Damn Satisfying, Anyway?A brief exploration.
  24. It’s Almost Weirder If You Don’t Lie on Your Online-Dating ProfileNine out of ten profiles are filled with fibs.
  25. A Woman Went Under for Plastic Surgery and Woke Up With KleptomaniaHuh.
  26. A New Study on Adopted Kids Takes on the Tiny Question of Nature Versus NurtureWhich matters more when it comes to longevity?
  27. The Scary Rise in Benzo OverdosesThis could be one of the reasons so many middle-aged white people are dying.
  28. Why This Silly Cat Video Could Help Curb Youth SmokingAn ad from last week’s Grammys has all the right elements.
  29. Men Underestimate the Women in Their ClassesNot cool.
  30. personality
    The Scientist Who Believes Your Personality Predicts Your Taste in MusicHmmm.
  31. Married Couples Have Look-alike Immune SystemsCool and also gross.
  32. mental health
    Behind the Scenes of Reddit’s Suicide WatchIt takes a toll on the moderators, who have formed a support group for themselves. 
  33. People Will Exercise If You Bribe Them to ExerciseThis especially works when paired with some mild threats. 
  34. arguing
    A Subreddit Sparked a Scientific Inquiry Into How to Change Someone’s MindIt is no easy thing.
  35. Insights From a Scientist Who Implants Fake Memories in People’s MindsThis is a woman whose day job involves blurring the line between imagination and reality. 
  36. the brain
    What Tasers Do to the BrainA study hints at some serious implications for when suspects should be read their Miranda rights.
  37. dads
    Lessons From Norway May Help Nudge American Dads Into Taking Paternity LeaveIt isn’t as simple as offering generous policies. Working dads still have to take them.
  38. theories
    A Neurologist Has Tried to Pinpoint What Bugs Him About Ted Cruz’s FaceLet’s hear him out.
  39. health
    About That Super Bowl Ad for a Gross Opioid-Painkiller Side EffectIt weirded people out, but it also highlights a pretty serious problem in the U.S.
  40. babies
    Do Babies See the World More Colorfully?Lucky babies.
  41. Here’s a Breakdown of Selfie-Related DeathsFrom three years’ worth of news reports.
  42. blah blah blah
    So It Seems New York Is the Most Talkative StateAccording to data culled from 2 million phone calls by an analytics firm.
  43. findings
    Two Scientists Have Attempted to Study Resting BitchfaceAlso: This is not a women-only thing.
  44. Why You Should Stop Using the Phrase ‘the Mentally Ill’New research argues that the phrase promotes a dangerous level of intolerance.
  45. books
    A New Book Retrospectively Diagnoses Famous People With Mental DisordersAndy Warhol was a hoarder. Charles Darwin had anxiety. And other speculations.
  46. productivity
    Researchers Have Calculated How Much Time We Spend Slacking Off at WorkThe numbers actually aren’t that bad!
  47. nutrition
    The World’s Leading Health Experts Want Countries to Start Taxing SodaAnd other sugary beverages, too. But the science on “sin taxes” so far is complicated.
  48. 3 Insights About Dating From a Stanford EconomistIntroducing the fun new term “romantically unemployed.”
  49. history lessons
    European Queens Waged More Wars Than KingsAccording to an analysis spanning six centuries of women born into power.
  50. These Music Clips Are Supposed to Change the Way Your Coffee TastesTry it out. 
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