1. mental exercises
    The Reason People Run Ridiculous DistancesFor ultramarathoners, it’s often more about the mental benefits and getting into the psychological state of “flow.” 
  2. gender studies
    Students Are Kind of Harsh When Evaluating Their Female ProfessorsThey tend to rate them lower than they do male instructors.
  3. relationships
    Your Sense of Self Predicts How Quickly You’ll Get Over an ExFor some, the pain of romantic rejection feels like an attack on their character.
  4. Everyone — Including You — Is a Conspiracy Theorist About SomethingAnd a new book argues that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 
  5. snowmageddon
    3 Ways This Blizzard Is Already Messing With Your MindThe anticipatory anxiety will get you. 
  6. olds
    The Oldest Old People Are Getting Even OlderMore Americans are living to their 100th birthday, and beyond.
  7. productivity
    Something Called ‘Attention Residue’ Is Ruining Your ConcentrationIt’s a side effect of multitasking. 
  8. digital life
    Hey, Here’s a Thought: You Don’t Have to See and Read and Watch EverythingFree yourself from infomania. 
  9. adhd
    Why More Girls Are Being Diagnosed With ADHDIt’s a kind of course correction after decades of research focused mainly on how the attention disorder looks in boys.
  10. depression
    Doctors Think Teenagers Should Be Screened Annually for DepressionYoung adults, too. 
  11. david bowie
    The Story Behind David Bowie’s Unusual EyesIt’s a condition called anisocoria.
  12. productivity
    A Neuroscientist on the Calming Powers of the To-Do List “Get it out of your head, write it down, then prioritize things.” 
  13. bad science
    Lumosity Must Pay $2 Million Because ‘Brain Training’ Is Not RealIt’s like a personal trainer for your brain! Except, no, it’s not. 
  14. happy new year
    Fitness Trackers Mostly Just Remind You That Working Out Is Not That FunSuddenly, a nice walk in the park feels more like a chore. 
  15. sex
    Here Are Quotes From 4 People Who Aren’t Having Sex“I would rather read a book than be intimate with him.”
  16. the senses
    Touch May Be the Least Understood SenseVision and hearing get all the attention. 
  17. the brain
    Shut Up and Bask in the Silence for a Better LifeIt takes three minutes.
  18. the senses
    Losing Your Sense of Taste Sounds TerribleScientists in the brand-new field of neurogastronomy are trying to help people gain it back. 
  19. emotions
    Here’s the Science of the Happy CryBecause the geniuses at Oxford Dictionaries just chose the corresponding emoji as “word of the year.”
  20. work life
    This Company That Went Email-Free for a Week Might Be on to SomethingEven temporary breaks from your in-box do your brain and body a lot of good.