1. psych 101
    The World Is Smaller Than You ThinkHow a 50-year-old experiment shaped our understanding of how connected we are to each other.
  2. Everyone’s Suspicious of Atheists — Even Other AtheistsA new study found that nonbelievers face prejudice across the world, even in places where religious belief is fading.
  3. Natural Selection Made Us Anxious. Meditation Can Help.An evolutionary psychologist’s take on Buddhism.
  4. How to Be Extremely Productive Without Getting Extremely ExhaustedA new book shows how strategies favored by elite athletes can benefit the rest of us.
  5. A Beginner’s Guide to Calling BSIt’s a basic life skill we all need these days.
  6. You’d Be a Better Communicator If You Weren’t So Afraid of Embarrassing YourselfAlan Alda argues that lessons from improv comedy can improve science communication. They can work for you, too.
  7. about time
    The Art and Science of Comedic TimingIt doesn’t work the way you think. (Except when it … does.)
  8. Working With Robots Helps People Get AlongNew research found that introducing AI into a group made its human members more flexible and collaborative.
  9. about time
    How the Abstract Way We Talk About Time Can Make You Miss a MeetingA cognitive scientist investigates the surprisingly confusing phrase, “Let’s move the meeting forward two days.”
  10. Our Intuitions About the World Are Usually WrongOn flat-Earthers, science denial, and why teaching critical thinking isn’t enough.
  11. The Human Brain Is a Time MachineA new book investigates a basic disagreement between neuroscience and physics on the human experience of time.
  12. How Psychologists Determine Whether Someone Is Faking InsanityThe strange science of malingering has played a role in the Etan Patz case.
  13. inequality
    Does Highly Visible Wealth Make Inequality Worse?A new game-based study offers some insights.