1. reasons to love new york
    I Grew Up Hasidic and Trans. Here’s How I Found a New Community.“It’s like being an immigrant in your own country. You don’t know the language, the culture, anything.”
  2. homesick
    After Bombings, Expats From Paris and Beirut Wonder If They Can Go Home AgainMissing your culture during time of tragedy.
  3. sex on campus
    The Agender, Aromantic, Asexual Queer MovementWhat happens when identity politics goes identity-free?
  4. true stories
    A Man and a Woman Tell Us Why They Went on Ashley MadisonIt’s “a playground for bored, horny middle-class men.”
  5. video
    ‘How Gay Do I Sound?’We asked a bunch of people to celebrate the opening of the documentary film Do I Sound Gay?
  6. first person
    I Broke Up With 6 Shrinks. Is It Them, or Me?When therapy resembles dating.
  7. insults
    Gay Men and Misogyny: Rose McGowan’s Half-Right She said gay men are “as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so.”
  8. robin williams
    For Those Who Grieve Dead Celebrities, It’s Like Losing a Family MemberGrief is a complicated thing.
  9. Non-Snooty, Non-Touristy Paris: A Brief TourFrom the Josephine Baker pool to one of Paris’s Chinatowns.
  10. France Slags Americans, Loves American TV: Why?A chat with a Parisian script doctor (and Joss Whedon’s translator) about the good and the bad of French TV.
  11. office life
    Who’s Lazier: New Yorkers or Parisians? That’s Not a Leading Question. Really. And why are so many French workers flocking to Brooklyn?
  12. Secrets of the Scarf: Parisians Show Off Their Tying ProwessHow to sport them (almost everywhere).
  13. Larry Clark’s Love for Semi-Disaffected French KidsAstor Place has nothing on this Paris hangout site.
  14. ScarJo Sues French Author; Paris GroansPlus: why Paris prefers Natalie Portman.
  15. paris in 30 days
    Where to Shop in Paris: Let H&M Group Guide You Don’t rob Colette …
  16. When the Marais Seems Too Much Like Soho, Try the Haut MaraisParticipative democracy in full effect …
  17. paris in 30 days
    A Jet-lagged New Yorker Bent on Unlocking ParisA part-time Parisian — and anti-love-lock activist — tells American tourists how to behave better and enjoy themselves more.
  18. paris in 30 days
    How Much French Do You Need to Speak to Live in Paris? As Much As ScarJo?“Ah, ouais,” and a few other phrases that will make you seem Parisian fast. 
  19. party lines
    Barneys Loves the Man Skirt, But Bloomingdale’s Isn’t SoldWe asked the fashion-industry honchos if Marc Jacobs’s favorite bottoms would ever trickle down to the folks.
  20. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Video: How Madison Avenue Shoppers Cut Back in the Downturn“I got the $200 ones instead of the ones that were $400. Just ‘cause I’m trying to be, you know, a good person.”
  21. make it work
    Bronx Residents Peeved Not to Get ‘Project Runway’ Name-CheckThe show went to the Botanical Garden and didn’t even say it was in the Bronx!