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Betsey Johnson, 1979 - Present

Johnson snagged a spot on the fashion map in the sixties and seventies for helming culty brands and heading up chic boutiques. She started her eponymous line in 1978 with ex-model Chantal Bacon. The two opened a boutique in Soho and sold Johnson’s dancewear-inspired creations, tapping into a punk-cum-Warholian aesthetic. While countless brands describe themselves as “flirty” or “sassy,” Betsey exemplifies both.  Soon the brand expanded, and she went on to design watches, lingerie, and a Samsung cell phone.  In April 2012, the designer filed for bankruptcy, resulting in the closure of all 63 stores and the dismissal of over 350 employees. While many were disusing the downfall of the brand Betsey was planning a comeback.  Despite the setbacks, it was announced that in 2013 she will release a lower-priced line of clothing and accessories, under her parent company Steve Madden, which will be sold in stores such as Macys and Nordstrom. 

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Betsey Johnson, 1979 - Present
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Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Castanea Partners

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