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Sacha Walckhoff 2010- Present, Christian Lacroix, 1988 - 2009

Christian Lacroix designs clothes that are glamorous, expensive-looking, and unapologetically dramatic. Such an aesthetic implored fame on the French label, which eventually came to epitomize the eighties through the designer's use of sumptuous fabrics (velvet, satin, taffeta) and overlapping patterns (patchwork, stripes), all of which left buyers clamoring for more. However, for such a momentous name in fashion, Lacroix fell into the industry by chance, as he spent his childhood in Arles, France and enjoyed attending bullfighting events, and then went on to study art history with dreams of becoming a museum curator or costume designer. Yet, he was destined for high fashion. Before launching his own line, he was an assistant at Hermès, collaborated with the couturier of the Tokyo Imperial Court, and then joined the House of Patou in 1981. Five years later, he launched his own couture label with the bouffant, or "pouf," a fantastical puffy skirt that soon became milestone in fashion history for its inventiveness. A year later he expanded into ready-to-wear, and then diversified into menswear in 2004. At one time part of the LVMH universe, the Falic Group bought the label in 2005. Though profitability was tricky, Lacroix’s pouf skirts, Renaissance-inspired tapestries, and masquerade-ball tulle and lace continued to earn critical praise. However, after failing to get bought out of bankruptcy, the designer severed all ties with his namesake house by 2010. Longtime Christian Lacroix employee Sacha Walckhoff was brought on as creative director. He'll begin designing the menswear line before reviving RTW and couture down the road.

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Sacha Walckhoff 2010- Present, Christian Lacroix, 1988 - 2009
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Falic Group

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