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In-House Design Team, 2008 - Present

CYMBELINE begins with three sisters who decided to revolutionize the fashion in wedding gowns. That was a forty years ago, in Nemours, in the heart of Seine et Marne. Most wedding attire at the time was formal and lacking any originality.

The three sisters combined their dressmaking skills, suffusing them with childhood memories and set up their own manufacturing workshop in an old 17th mill.

They designed their very first gowns, full of freshness and fantasy, created for a modern and romantic bride.

But it was not just a question of designing fancy costumes, CYMBELINE insisted on quality and concocted a blend of crafts- manship and little girl’s dream. For every new gown, they adopted the most elaborate manufacturing methods.

In the tradition of haute couture, these modern women, in tune with young women’s needs were able to fashion forms and master the art of cutting, which led then to invent even more graceful silhouettes and to build a new world in the name of love and beauty.

By surrounding themselves with young talents with an ability to capture the house style again and again, they make their romantic, contemporary mark on the world market.

Today, the mill in Nemours is a trusting international concern and continues unabated to develop its excellence in pursuit of perfecting the big day.

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In-House Design Team, 2008 - Present
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