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Mark Eley, 1992 - Present; Wakako Kishimoto, 1992 - Present

This Asian-inspired label—housed in a three-story building near Brixton prison—is a collaboration between Mark Eley and his wife, Wakako Kishimoto. The U.K.-based pair met while on assignment in the U.S., and in 1992 launched both a marriage and a textile business. With Mark as the business manager and Wakako as the designer, their prints quickly became the go-to for designers from Alexander McQueen to Jil Sander. In 1996 they began their own womenswear collection—noted for its crafty prints and whimsical detailing—and have since collaborated on everything from shoes to jewelry to unorthodox items like phone and computer packaging. In 2008, the pair was also tapped to be creative directors of French-based fashion house Cacharel.

Designed By
Mark Eley, 1992 - Present; Wakako Kishimoto, 1992 - Present
Owned By
Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto