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Charles Harbison studied Fiber Arts and Textiles at North Carolina State University. He traveled Central Asia and Europe before returning to New York to further his fashion studies at Parsons School of Design. Design internships at Jack Spade and Michael Kors Men’s Collection shaped his vocabulary for luxury goods. After a few years of luxury textile design, Charles made the shift to luxury womenswear, landing a position on Michael Kors’ Women’s Collection design team. Senior positions at Luca Luca (with Raul Melgoza) and Billy Reid Women’s Collection followed, both were pivotal in forming the future codes of HARBISON. While visiting St. Croix and reading “Just Kids” by Patti Smith, Charles began to see the likeliness of HARBISON take shape—the ease and romance inherent in a tropical lifestyle and the transgender beauty of Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. All the influences he loved he could filter into this aesthetic. And so, HARBISON was born.