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Fiona Cibani, 2011 - Present; Tia Cibani, 2006 - 2010

In 2004, under the Canadian sportswear label Ports International’s umbrella, North African–born, Vancouver-bred designer Tia Cibani launched Ports 1961, a women’s ready-to-wear line full of classic, structured pieces, with a romantic and sometimes ethnic twist. Since Cibani’s fall 2006 runway debut, the designer has showcased storytelling collections full of chunky knits and soft separates in earthy tones made to layer, often with some sort of exotic touch like burlap fringe or wooden accessories. Her work has won over notable girls from downtown and uptown circles alike, including Arden Wohl and Olivia Palermo, respectively. It also opened the door for the designer to dress the female commentators for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, a fitting opportunity for the worldly designer. In 2010, Tia stepped down, and her sister Fiona took the reigns.

Designed By
Fiona Cibani, 2011 - Present; Tia Cibani, 2006 - 2010
Owned By
Ports International

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