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Miuccia Prada, 1988 - Present

After taking over her grandfather Mario Prada’s Italian-leather-goods business in 1978, Miuccia Prada began to change the way people viewed fashion. It started with her nylon bags—unheard of in the realm of luxury goods—which earned her a devoted following, and in 1988, a women’s ready-to-wear line was born. Today, Miuccia’s collections—whether they’re nerd-chic, feminist-chic, or minimalist-chic—challenge and beguile the global "fasheratti" each season. With encouragement from husband Patrizio Bertelli, who serves as chief executive and chairman of the label’s parent company Prada S.p.A., Miuccia launched a menswear line in 1993, turning out tailored suits and adding prints and geometrically cut separates. That same year, she also launched her coveted offshoot line, Miu Miu. In addition to Prada’s forward-thinking clothes, there are the teetering platform shoes, the utilitarian handbags, a sportswear line, and myriad beauty ventures, all of which play a role in making the multi-billion-dollar empire one of the most recognized labels in the world. There’s deep thought behind the ubiquitous brand. Miuccia, who was trained in political science rather than design, is known as one of fashion’s most intellectual talents. She presents fabrics in revolutionary ways, dreams up impossible color schemes, and often pairs the staid with the sensual. Every aspect of production—from the buttons of a coat to the design of a New York flagship (with the help of architect Rem Koolhaas)—benefits from the careful eye and deliberate study of “Mrs. Prada.” Who else could make turbans, backpacks, dirndls, and anoraks look cool?

Designed By
Miuccia Prada, 1988 - Present
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Prada S.p.A.

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