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Roland Mouret, 2008 - Present

Roland Mouret and Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment stared the brand in August 2006 after Mouret spent eight years working in the fashion industry. Born in Lourdes, Frances, Mouret first became familiar with the makings of fabric while working in his father's butcher shop by learning to fold a butcher's apron. After launching the self-named brand, a Roland Mouret mansion-sized store was opened in March 2011 in Mayfair, London. First showing in the Spring of 2012 in Paris, Mouret featured sleek, feminine silhouettes of suiting, blouses, and dresses that led to him being referred to as a "magician and a man with an intuitive understanding of the female form." Shortly after, Mouret launched the Roland Mouret shoe in 2013 along with many bridal collections as well as his hand-crafted eyewear collection. With stretches at both Woolmark Austrailia and Banana Republic in 2014, Mouret made a name for his classic take on the female form.  And in 2016, he is known for his iconic "Galaxy, Titanium, and Moon" dresses, which has solidified his brand as that of long-lasting, feminine collections.


Designed By
Roland Mouret, 2008 - Present
Owned By
19RM, Roland Mouret and Simon Fuller

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