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Sarah-Jane Clark, 1999 - Present; Heidi Middleton, 1999 - Present

The Aussie duo launched its line in Australia in 1999, and today it’s a favorite of starlets and soirée-goers who want to grab the spotlight. Heidi Middleton (the design force) goes by the nickname “Bide,” while business-oriented Sarah-Jane Clarke is known as “Sass.” Renowned for their denim, they found their first big hit with a pair of stretch jeans with a two-inch zipper, a trendsetting item that went on to be duplicated internationally and celebrated for its slapdash, youthful, "don't look too pretty" appeal. They debuted in 2002 on the London runway, and the popularity of the brand grew quickly. They moved their show to New York in February 2004, where they've been ever since. They launched two subsidiary lines—S&B and Sass & Bide Denim—and opened two flagship stores—one in Sydney (2005) and the other in Brisbane (2007). Middleton and Clarke have grown the brand from denim powerhouse to a destination for fierce, spangly party gear.

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Sarah-Jane Clark, 1999 - Present; Heidi Middleton, 1999 - Present
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