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Originally a glove manufacturer launched in 1911, the Trussardi company eventually blossomed into a "Made in Italy" staple when the founder's grandson, Nicola Trussardi, started designing leather goods and accessories. A collection followed for both women and men, and Nicola brought these all under the company's greyhound logo. Today, the look is still synonymous with luxury, appealing to the understated elegance of European ladies who lunch, with elegant silks and classic silhouettes in addition to fine leather goods. The label's four-decade success story, however, was marred by tragedy: Nicola, who inherited the business after the sudden deaths of his father and brother, was killed in a car crash in 1999, and four years later, his son and successor, Francesco, died in almost identical circumstances. Since then, Nicola's daughters have taken over, with the youngest, Gaia, helming the creative vision for the womenswear line, and Beatrice taking charge of the company's business affairs, including attracting new talent, like Milan Vukmirovic, who has helmed the head designer position since 2008.

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