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Wenlan Chia, 2002 - Present

Taipei native Wenlan Chia launched Twinkle's first collection of playful, brightly colored hand-knit sweaters and accessories in the fall of 2000. A complete ready-to-wear line quickly followed, and Twinkle's runway debut, at the February 2002 Gen Art Fresh Faces Fashion Show, was a critical success. Multiple fashion-week appearances and a handful of accolades later (Tokyo's Onward Kashiyama New Design Prize and an induction into the prestigious CFDA), the sweetly offbeat label continues to showcase Chia’s whimsical, vibrant knits and of-the-moment pieces like tuxedo jackets, rompers, and tapered trousers. Twinkle by Wenlan has also come to include quirky costume jewelry, housewares, and books on the art of knitting.

Designed By
Wenlan Chia, 2002 - Present
Owned By
Wenlan Chia