How Curvy Teen Model Barbie Ferreira Sleeps and Practices Wellness

Photo: Courtesy of Barbie Ferreira

The one thing everyone can agree on is that sleeping is important. Whether you’re Snoop Dogg or Linda Rodin, everyone needs sleep to stay well. To find out how people practice this important tenet of wellness, the Cut is launching “Sleeping With,” a weekly questionnaire with interesting bedfellows about how they sleep, where they sleep, what they do when they can’t sleep, and what it’s like to sleep with them. First up is Wilhelmina curve model Barbie Ferreira, whose un-retouched photos for her American Eagle campaign went viral.

My bedtime is: It really depends. For a while I was going back and forth from London, so I let myself go to bed at eight daily and wake up at the crack of dawn. It was not ideal, but now I’m more of an 11 p.m.–to–9 a.m. gal — I sleep a lot. I typically get 7 to 8 hours, but I’m a 12-plus-hour sleeper. I need to go into hibernation once a week to refuel.

I like my bed to be: Mostly pillows and covers. I need literally eight pillows.

In bed, I wear: Nothing, as in naked!

My sheets are: White. I have no idea the brand. My roommate gave me them because I spilled wine on my Calvin Klein ones. :(

On my bedside table are: Incense and some books. Right now I have Invisible Monsters and this random book that I can’t recall the name of about children in a different dimension. I’m boring!

I get ready for bed by: Drinking a low-caffeine jasmine tea with honey and either doing a meditation or listening to white noise.

My strangest dream was: I used to have a recurring black-and-white dream where I would drive in on a hover car and raid the shoe closets of this huge mansion. I don’t know what that means at all, to be honest.

My favorite late-night snack is: Taco-truck food! My favorite taco truck is around the corner from me! I always get a steak or shrimp tostada, burrito, or tacos.

When I can’t fall asleep, I: Meditate with either videos on YouTube or just alone with meditation music. Usually I do long ones, so I can fall asleep as I do them.

My current favorite lullaby and bedtime story is: I’m reading a series of short stories by Stephen King. It weirdly helps me sleep, I think because of how gory it is. The lullabies I grew up with were usually Brazilian religious ones, and they still soothe me into sleep.

How Curvy Model Barbie Ferreira Sleeps, Practices Wellness