Biking Inside a Bus Is the New Biking on the Street

Photo: Courtesy of BikeBus

Riding a bicycle: It’s fun, freeing, easy, and of all the public transportation options available, it’s by far the cheapest one. It’s good for the environment and takes you from one place to the next in record time. Bikes are good exercise and bring joy to many people, including children and old people and even people who are somewhere in the middle.

But perhaps you are that rare intersection of person who is interested in both riding a bike and taking a bus and will not settle for doing one activity followed by the other — you must do them at the same time. For you, then, there is the BikeBus. What is the BikeBus, pray tell? Let People magazine explain:

Created by husband-and-wife team Seema and Eric Brodie, BikeBus is a commuter bus that has been outfitted with nine Schwinn spin bikes. The idea evolved from a family dinner conversation about the wasted time of long commutes.

Our concept takes that sedentary time and transforms it into active time,” Eric tells People. “Not only are you making your drive more productive in a physically healthy way, but you are also saving actual time because that’s an hour you don’t have to spend at the gym anymore.”

Contrary to logic, the bikes on the bus do not power the bus. They are merely stationary bikes on a bus. Each BikeBus ride, currently available in Massachusetts, will cost somewhere between $28 and $30. What a world.

Okay, but one question: Why not just bike to work? It’s free.

Biking Inside a Bus Is the New Biking on the Street