The Stolen Moon Juice Crystal Finally Speaks Out

Photo: fatherjohnmisty/Instagram

Earlier this month, the juicing community was struck by tragedy when a rose-quartz crystal was stolen from the Silver Lake location of Amanda Chantal Bacon’s holistic empire, Moon Juice. Father John Misty claimed he was the culprit (though there are several likely suspects), which was a brave and foolhardy move: After all, as Bacon warned, “you do not want the energy of a stolen crystal.”

But in the midst of all of this fighting — and by fighting, I mean a low-key transmission of bad vibes — nobody stopped to think about what the crystal wanted for herself. Finally, weeks later, she has spoken for the first time. And, according to a photo Misty posted to his Instagram, she’s free and loving life (and has grown 20 times in size, probably because she moved out of a juice shop).

Bacon has yet to comment on the crystal, but, according to her Instagram, she’s been … busy.

The Stolen Moon Juice Crystal Finally Speaks Out