The Cut’s Squat Workout Hip-hop Playlist

Photo: Getty Images

Forget what they said, it’s always the year of the butt! Which means it’s essential to have a motivational playlist on deck for those rare moments when squats seem like a good idea. Sure health goth is a thing, so weightlifters are probably listening to Metallica more than ever, but targeting dat ass is a lot more fun while listening to Nicki or Christina Milian. There are plenty of twerk playlists out there full of songs about booty, enough already! Next time you get stuck in a circle of ‘roid rage at the gym, tune out with these songs from female artists and push through that extra rep. Now if you have dormant-butt syndrome, the Cut’s Women in Hip-hop Workout can’t save you but dancing is still fun?

Hear The Cut’s Squat Workout Hip-hop Playlist