Scientists Are Trying to Ruin Our Collective Wine Fun

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Resveratrol is a compound in wine believed to be at least partially responsible for vino’s alleged health benefits. But resveratrol occurs in wine in low concentrations, and it’s not advisable to guzzle the stuff just for the polyphenols – evidence suggests that the harms of alcohol outweigh the positive effects of any beneficial compounds.

The Wall Street Journal reports that both academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies are working on resveratrol pills that they hope will be effective at preventing or treating conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. (Dietary supplements with resveratrol exist now, but they’re unregulated and haven’t undergone clinical trials, so who knows if they do anything?)

So pour it up in the name of “health” while you can: Once someone figures out the perfect formulation, with minimal side effects, Rihanna’s favorite accessory will be resigned to a vice once again.

Scientists Are Trying to Ruin Our Collective Wine Fun