Tracy Anderson on Wellness Lies

Tracy Anderson. Photo: BFA

Goop-y fitness guru to the stars Tracy Anderson isn’t afraid to serve up some hard truths about what it takes to stay fit. The woman responsible for transforming Gwyneth Paltrow’s “long butt” into a “22-year-old stripper” butt (this is a Paltrow quote) believes in working hard every single day. Don’t buy into the following wellness lies, she says.

Lie: If it’s trendy, that means it works.

Tracy’s truth: “People want a quick fix. They want magic to get them connected because they didn’t show up for themselves for so long. All of a sudden you feel uncomfortable and you feel disconnected and you desperately want to get reconnected, so you want a quick fix. You want it to be a juice cleanse, you want it to be a diet pill, you want it to be a fitness trend. And it’s not.”

Lie: If it seems vaguely scientific, that means it works.

Tracy’s truth: “Juice cleanses, freezing fat, lunchtime liposuction, cold hot chambers. There’s a little bit of science and then they market off the teeny bit of science. It doesn’t work.”

Lie: You need a day off between workouts to recover.

Tracy’s truth: “It’s so important to connect to yourself every day. As long as you’re not being invasive for your body and muscles, you don’t need a day to relax and repair. You need a day to relax and repair when you’re abusing your body.”

No more wimpy fitness excuses. Tracy is clear: Trends and pseudoscience come and go, but the best way to transform your body is exercise.

Reported at the Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at Bridgehampton’s Fairview on Mecox Bay.

Tracy Anderson on Wellness Lies