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  1. peloton
    Your Peloton Might Be DefectiveThe company is recalling 2.2 million bikes after customers reported broken and detached seat posts.
  2. first person
    Am I Doomed to a Life of Painful Sex?I thought I had finally cured my vaginismus. Then it came back.
  3. advice
    What to Do (and Not to Do) When Your Friend Has a NewbornForget sending a onesie.
  4. advice
    The Longevity Expert Who Wants You to Stay Young ForeverDr. Mark Hyman is reframing our concept of getting old.
  5. first person
    Hanging Out With Your Friends Is Good for YouEspecially if you don’t have anything actually planned.
  6. first person
    I Want My Unibrow BackEven though I’ve been fighting it since I was 9.
  7. advice
    I’m Married, But Sometimes I Prefer Sleeping AloneWhat happened when I left behind the bed I share with my husband for the spare mattress.
  8. swellness
    I Tried Peoplehood, ‘a Workout for Your Relationships’Inside Manhattan’s new social club–slash–support group from the founders of SoulCycle.
  9. 25 famous women on
    25 Famous Women on Their ‘Worst’ Health Habits“I just lay there and drink whiskey.” Relatable!
  10. swellness
    Meet the People Working 3 Jobs to Afford Erewhon“Even though I’m a starving artist, it’s become my identity.”
  11. swellness
    ‘Wellness’ Was Never About Our Well-BeingIn The Wellness Trap, Christy Harrison goes deep on a wildly profitable industry that preys on vulnerable people who just want to feel better.
  12. encounter
    What If You Weren’t Scared of Your Kid Being Fat?Journalist Virginia Sole-Smith wants to change the way parents think about healthy eating.
  13. swellness
    I Tried … SolidcoreBut I didn’t sign over to the cult just yet.
  14. first person
    The Week Before My Sons Were Born, I Lost My SmileWhen Bell’s palsy paralyzed one side of my face, I had to find other ways to express joy.
  15. first person
    Outsourcing My OrgasmAn erotic massage gave me back the body I thought I’d lost.
  16. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When Someone Is Having a Panic AttackYou can’t stop it, but you can provide comfort.
  17. first person
    Could I Still Be Ambitious Without My OCD?I quieted my anxious thoughts by working hard. That only made my disorder worse.
  18. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Aluminum in My Deodorant?It’s been found safe (though it can irritate the underarm skin).
  19. first person
    Confessions of a Former Morning PersonI used to wake up without a sense of dread. Now I can barely drag myself out of bed.
  20. first person
    My Trip to Korea Taught Me the Truth About Skin CareI’m Korean American and, for a long time, my cultural beauty practices felt like a badge of honor.
  21. swellness
    Love and Marriage and MenopauseMy hormones turned sex with my husband into a labor of love. Emphasis on the labor part.
  22. first person
    What Is ‘Natural Beauty,’ Anyway?Ling Ling Huang reflects on her time working in the wellness industry and the steps she’s taken toward practicing “unself-care.”
  23. health is wealth
    Do I Really Want to Know What Rectal Ozone Therapy Is?Gwyneth Paltrow’s “weirdest” wellness practice sounds … unpleasant.
  24. for your consideration
    Have You Tried Eating an Orange in the Shower?TikTok’s latest wellness hack.
  25. “wellness”
    Of Course Aaron Rodgers Is Going on a ‘Darkness Retreat’It’s all part of his “era of contemplation.”
  26. h&m
    You Can Exercise at H&M NowThe retailer’s Williamsburg space wants to make you sweat.
  27. health
    Do Greens Powders Actually Do Anything?We asked experts if buzzy supplements like Athletic Greens and Bloom really improve your health.
  28. health
    You Might Go Through Hell for Your Post-Ozempic BodyPatients describe constant nausea and vomiting. But doctors say everyone is asking for it.
  29. holiday gifts
    The Best Holiday Gifts to Buy This Year, in One PlacePresents for parents, for beauty lovers, for teens, for employees — see all of the Cut’s holiday gift guides (so far).
  30. holiday gifts
    The 13 Best Sex Gifts to Give (and Get)According to sex therapists and enthusiasts.
  31. health
    What to Know About the RSV SurgeThe common respiratory virus is back in full force.
  32. my biggest setback
    It’s Hard to Be the FirstBloomi founder Rebecca Alvarez on how history-making success doesn’t come easy — even after you already have it.
  33. holiday gifts
    38 Gift Ideas for the Friend Who’s All About ‘Wellness’’Tis the season for a Goop-y gift guide.
  34. extremely online
    Could Thin Be in Again?The 2022 body is more worryingly aspirational than ever.
  35. get it together
    7 Light Therapy Lamps to Help With Seasonal Affective DisorderHow to use SAD lamps and how they work, according to psychologists.
  36. health
    The Myth of Adrenal FatigueThe “condition” touted by the wellness industrial complex could explain everything you’re feeling — if only it were real.
  37. obsessive tester
    27 Best-Smelling, Bubbliest, Most Soothing Bath ProductsAccording to someone who takes two baths a day.
  38. sobriety
    ‘No One Else Thinks I Need to Get Sober — Still, Should I?’Well, is it sobriety you’re looking for — or perfection?
  39. polio
    Here’s What We Know About Polio in New YorkExperts say this could mean hundreds of cases circulating, but the risk to vaccinated people remains low.
  40. explosions
    What the Hell Happened With That Fire at the Goop Store?Two men were seriously injured during a “s’mores station accident” in the Hamptons.
  41. health
    The Baby-Formula Shortage Could Ease by Late July44,000 pounds of Nestlé baby formula will arrive this week.
  42. “wellness”
    The Improbable Return of the CleanseWhy food deprivation continues to thrive — and did even in quarantine.
  43. self
    This Underwear Is FDA-Cleared for Oral SexLorals are only the second product that has been authorized for protection against STIs during oral sex.
  44. halsey
    Halsey Opens Up About Recent Health StrugglesThe singer shared their recent diagnoses, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
  45. q&a
    What It’s Like Living With (and Writing About) PMDDChloe Caldwell on her new memoir, The Red Zone, how to talk about periods, and finding community on Reddit.
  46. covid-19
    Will Some of Us Social Distance Forever?In a new study, 13 percent of respondents say they plan “no return” to pre-COVID activities even when the pandemic ends.
  47. “wellness”
    Former Goop Exec Says She Swore Off CleansesElise Loehnen says she was “not in a healthy relationship with my body” when she left the company two years ago.
  48. self
    How I Cured My IBSThe disorder is notoriously incurable. But relief might be more possible than you think.
  49. A Wellness Trailblazer’s Guide to Getting Through the DayTen items that help Lauren Ash, founder of Black Girl in Om, calm the chaos.
  50. health
    4 Apps for Developing a Healthier Relationship With FoodWhile programs like Noom encourage calorie counting, these expert-recommended apps can help you become a more mindful eater.
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