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‘tis The Season To Be Broke

  1. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Liz Claiborne CEO Sucks It Up and Flies CoachHe also drives rented Volvos, if you can believe it.
  2. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Chanel to Lay Off 200 WorkersThe fashion house just isn’t selling enough product these days. Join the club.
  3. ‘tis the season to be broke
    American Apparel Lays Off HundredsNo one is safe in this economy, not even Dov.
  4. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Chanel Cancels Mobile Art TourSorry, Londoners, but you’re out of luck.
  5. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Betsey Johnson, Carmen Marc Valvo Cancel Bryant Park ShowsJohnson wouldn’t reveal the reason for the cancellation, but Valvo’s camp admitted that they need to save some cash.
  6. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Karl Lagerfeld Fancies Cutting Back During This Recession“I have moved to a smaller house in Paris, and I don’t fancy having so much staff now.”
  7. ‘tis the season to be broke
    What’s This? Neiman Marcus Posts $12.9 Million Profit?All the same, earnings are down more than 83 percent from a year ago.
  8. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Abercrombie Refuses to Discount, Stock PlungesUnlike stores like American Eagle, Abercrombie is not lowering prices to get consumers to spend, and they’re paying for it.
  9. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Carmen Marc Valvo Considers Presentation for Fashion WeekThe label wants to save money, especially since one-fourth of the seats were empty in the last show.
  10. ‘tis the season to be broke
    ‘It’ Bags Are About to Be So EmbarrassingIn the future, luxury analysts estimate, carrying an “It” bag will point to a lack of individual style.
  11. ‘tis the season to be broke
    The Economy Robs Fashion Companies of Town Cars, First-Class Air TravelBut it gets worse: The CEO of Nicole Miller says, “We’re Red Roofing it.” Egad!
  12. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Hollywould Up for SaleNow is a great time to be looking for a buyer, isn’t it?
  13. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Steve & Barry’s Files for Bankruptcy AgainLast night’s filing comes less than five months after its previous Chapter 11 filing.
  14. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Rich People Now Trying to Fit In by Acting BrokeIt has become ‘fashionable’ for socialites to talk about sample sales and bargain shopping at the hair salon.
  15. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Versace, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, and More Slash Prices in U.S.By up to 10 percent! For once, we can thank the dollar, which has considerably increased in value against the euro.
  16. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Video: How Madison Avenue Shoppers Cut Back in the Downturn“I got the $200 ones instead of the ones that were $400. Just ‘cause I’m trying to be, you know, a good person.”
  17. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Macy’s Is in the Hole But Relaunches Tommy Hilfiger ChildrenswearThe CEO insists 2009 will be a profitable year.
  18. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Marc Jacobs’s Holiday Party CANCELEDThe ailing economy has thwarted the legendary eighteen-year tradition.
  19. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Will You Shop More This Holiday Season If Obama Wins?According to a new survey, yes. Yes, you will.