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  1. it girl
    Este Haim Is Letting Her Freak Flag FlyHaim’s bassist, vocalist, and eldest sister knows exactly what she likes.
  2. “it” girl
    Sexyy Red Keeps It Very Real“I don’t care what nobody think about me.”
  3. it girl
    You Can Find Laufey on the Dance FloorThe Gen-Z jazz musician counts Dior saddlebags, Levi’s 501s, and Santal 33 among her “It”-girl necessities.
  4. it girl
    BIA Knows She’s the ShitAnd she is leaning all the way into it.
  5. it girl
    Tayla Parx Knows Your Favorite Artists’ SecretsThe musician who has written for Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey is an “absolute vault” when it comes to guarding secrets.
  6. it girl
    Arlo Parks Pivots to PoetryThe Grammy-nominated musician is pivoting to poetry with her forthcoming book, The Magic Border.
  7. it girl
    Elyanna’s Ideal Night Is a Girls’ NightMeet the Palestinian Chilean singer trailblazing a new sound on a global scale.
  8. the new york it girl
    ‘It’ Girls in Conversation: Anaa Saber, Maria Al-sadek, and FriendsWhat’s the “It”-girl thing to do on a Tuesday night?
  9. it girl
    You Can’t Millennial-Shame Bethany Cosentino“I’m 36 years old — what am I gonna do, be an angsty teenager for the rest of my life?”
  10. the new york it girl
    Today’s ‘It’ Girls in Conversation: Imani Randolph & FriendsWhat do off-duty models chat about at an oyster bar?
  11. the new york it girl
    ‘It’ Girls in Conversation: Ivy Getty and FriendsIvy Getty and her friends gather for dinner at Lucien to eat steak frites, sip martinis, and pose for the camera.
  12. the new york it girl
    Today’s ‘It’ Girls in Conversation: Clara Perlmutter, Ella Emhoff, and FriendsClara Perlmutter and her friends Ella Emhoff, Fiffany Luu, Pierrah Hilaire, and Noor Elkhaldi form a group chat come to life.
  13. celebrity
    I Can’t Get Enough of Sofia Richie’s WeddingThe model’s nuptials dominated TikTok this weekend.
  14. the it girl issue
    151 New York ‘It’ GirlsWho anointed them, what it was like to be them, and where they are now.
  15. the it girl issue
    What Was (and Is) the ‘It’ Girl?An investigation.