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2012 Olympics

  1. slash jobs
    Ryan Lochte’s Imminent Reality Show Looks Awfully PainfulHe tries to use words like “emphasis.”
  2. post-olympic fever
    Michael Phelps Learns Magic Tricks, Attempts WaistcoatSeriously.
  3. faces of things
    Michael Phelps Doesn’t Bathe for Louis Vuitton, Apparently [Updated]That ad floating around has not been authorized by the brand.
  4. olympic fever
    Olympic Volleyball Players Now Spared From Skimpy OutfitsThey’re allowed to cover up their six-pack abs, if they so desire.
  5. beauty marks
    Bachelorette Skin-Care Tips; Rihanna’s TattooPlus, women are buying lots of cartoon-themed makeup.
  6. london fashion week
    Stella McCartney to Show at London Fashion WeekA homecoming of sorts for the designer.