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2016 Election

  1. so close
    Well, Now We Know What Hillary’s Acceptance Speech Would Have BeenAnd, yes, it’s depressing.
  2. l’amour
    Mitt Romney Says He Voted for His Wife for PresidentBrave.
  3. politics
    4 Women on How They Changed Their Lives After Trump“We joked about leaving. But I didn’t really think we’d do it.”
  4. everyday sexism
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has ‘No Doubt’ Sexism Played a Role in the Election“That was a major, major factor.”
  5. 2016 election
    Hillary Clinton Suggests Women Didn’t Vote for Her Because of Men in Their LivesThese comments came during an interview with NPR about her new book.
  6. 2016 election
    Donald Trump Once Forced a Kiss on Journalist Katy Tur“My body freezes. My heart stops.”
  7. 2016 election
    Hillary Clinton Says Trump’s Election Reassured ‘Millions of White People’Clinton parsed her loss in an interview with CBS.
  8. creepy men
    Here Are the First Excerpts From Hillary Clinton’s New Book“I want to pull back the curtain on an experience that was exhilarating, joyful, humbling, infuriating and just plain baffling.”
  9. It’s Not Just You, Everyone’s Been Less Productive Since the ElectionA survey found that 29 percent of people said their productivity had tanked since the election.
  10. activism
    Here’s How Women Artists Are Reacting to a Donald Trump PresidencyComics artists and illustrators are creating a newspaper called Resist! that’s equal parts emotional outpouring and call to action.
  11. 8 Therapists on Postelection Anxiety — Their Clients’ and Their OwnIt’s been a busy month.
  12. politics
    Here’s How Michelle Obama Dealt With the Drama of Election NightShe was not about to stay up and watch Hillary lose.
  13. politics
    This Beloved Author Says America Doesn’t Feel Like America AnymoreHer BBC interview with a Trump supporter made everything clear.
  14. sex diaries
    The Single-ish 24-Year-Old Worried About Her Mood SwingsThis week’s sex diary.
  15. megyn kelly
    Like You, Megyn Kelly Thought the Election ‘Would Never End’Also like you, she was shocked by the results.
  16. politics
    Hillary Clinton Is the First Candidate to Ever Say This in a Concession SpeechHer speech was historic in more ways than one.
  17. islamophobia
    Woman Details Terrifying Anti-Muslim Experience on NYC Bus“I was sitting there trembling, bawling, unable to speak or move.”
  18. You’ll Get Over the Election in About a Week, Says Out-of-Touch StudyYour mood will improve, if not the country.
  19. content
    Here Are All the Shameless Ways People Is Pandering to the Trump FamilyThis is a 180 since the days they spoke out on behalf of their reporter who says she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.
  20. politics
    6 Women Who Did Shatter the Glass Ceiling Last NightAs of last night, the U.S. Senate has more women than ever.
  21. the day after
    If You’re in the Mood for a Good Cry, Here Are All Hillary’s Pro-Women AdsLet’s all have one last cry together before we get up and fight.
  22. politics
    Hillary Clinton Apologizes to Women and Girls in Emotional Concession Speech“I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.”
  23. election day
    The Best Craigslist Ads Looking for Election Day SexDemocracy at its finest.
  24. election day
    Both Donald and Eric Trump Were Caught Spying on Their Wives’ BallotsVery nosy.
  25. Just How Dark Are the Candidates’ Personalities?Dishonesty, Machiavellianism, and narcissism.
  26. election day
    Two Topless Protesters Were Arrested at Donald Trump’s Polling SiteOne had “Trump, grab your balls” written on her chest.
  27. By the Way, There Is Little Evidence That Businesspeople Are Better at GoverningInsights from a rather timely new study.
  28. hypotheticals
    President Marla Maples Would Give Everyone Subsidized Massages and YogaIn an unearthed interview with ‘George’ magazine, Donald Trump’s ex imagines what the world would look like if she were president.
  29. politics
    Trump’s Digital Director Said the Election Is ‘Like Predicting Your Wife’s Mood’The campaign is resolved to insult women until the very end.
  30. election exhaustion
    Even Pretending to Be Trump Is UpsettingThis might make you tear up a little bit.
  31. The Election Is So Nuts That 500 Corporations Are Blaming It for Bad PerformanceThe only thing more powerful than the weather or Kim Kardashian.
  32. Psychologists Echo Obama’s Belief That Power Reveals Who You Really AreDo with this information what you will.
  33. transformations
    Meet the Women Having Plastic Surgery to Look Like Ivanka Trump2016 keeps getting stranger and stranger.
  34. election 2016
    Teen Whom Weiner Allegedly Sexted Writes Scathing Open Letter to FBI Director“Anthony Weiner is the abuser. Your letter helped that abuse to continue.”
  35. politics
    The Candidate Who Wants to Change the Way You Think About Women’s IssuesZephyr Teachout’s campaign represents a new way for women to make themselves heard, both on and off the ballot.
  36. election 2016
    Teen Whom Anthony Weiner Allegedly Sexted Blasts FBI Director for Using Her“The last thing that I wanted was to have this become political propaganda.”
  37. science of us
    It Is Stupidly Important to Plan Your Election-Day LogisticsThree very specific questions to ask yourself.
  38. politics
    Therapists Say This Election Is Traumatizing Women“The focus tends to be their anxiety about a possible Donald Trump win, and the sense that that would be catastrophic.”
  39. laugh so you don’t cry
    Funniest Tweets About Anthony Weiner’s Link to the Clinton Email InvestigationLaugh so you don’t cry.
  40. 2016 election
    Here Are All of the Accusations Women Have Made Against Donald TrumpA roundup of all the allegations against Trump.
  41. election 2016
    This Woman Demolished a Fellow Republican Who Called Her Selfish for Not Voting“If I have voted for the Republican nominee every single time in my lifetime, and this year I feel compelled to … reject that man, it is my right.”
  42. rock the vote
    Emma Watson Wishes She Could Save America“Goodness, I wish I could cast a vote.”
  43. delusions
    Trump Thinks He’s Doing Better With Female Voters Than With Male VotersIf that’s the case, then he’s not doing very well with either of them.
  44. Hmm
    Salma Hayek: Trump Planted Gossip in the National Enquirer After I Rejected HimActress Salma Hayek says Trump once fed the National Enquirer a false story about her after she turned him down.
  45. nastiness
    GOP Representative Defends Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Comment in the Grossest WayRepresentative Brian Babin doubled-down on Trump’s debate comments.
  46. pandering
    15 Rejected Hillary Clinton Campaign SlogansBefore Stronger Together and I’m With Her, there were these.
  47. election 2016
    6 Women on Why They’re Choosing to Not Vote in This Election“Voting, for all the hype it’s afforded, is the very least we can do.”
  48. endorsements
    In Its First Presidential Endorsement, Vogue Backs Hillary Clinton“Two words give us hope: Madam President.”
  49. election 2016
    If Donald Trump Becomes President, Ivanka Doesn’t Plan to Work for HimSecretary of State Ivanka Trump is out of the question.
  50. election 2016
    Summer Zervos of The Apprentice Accuses Trump of Sexual Misconduct“I wondered if the sexual behavior was some kind of test,” Zervos said in a press conference with Gloria Allred.
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