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2016 Election

  1. awful things
    There Have Been at Least 9 Violent Attacks on Women by Trump SupportersIt’s been ugly out there.
  2. 2016 election
    Watch Donald Trump’s Reaction After Being Called a ‘Sexual Predator’ in 2006He laughed.
  3. rebuttals
    The New York Times’ Lawyer’s Response to Trump Is One Long Own“Nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the reputation that Mr. Trump … has already created for himself.”
  4. typos
    Gary Johnson Criticizes Trump for His Inappropriate Behavior Toward ‘Mowmen’Gary, spell-check!
  5. 2016 election
    Former Trump Executive Says She Believes the Sexual-Assault AllegationsBarbara Res called him a “blatant sexist.”
  6. Donald Trump’s New Anti-Abortion Letter Should Terrify YouHe wants to return women to secondary status, unable to exert control over their own bodies.
  7. the body politic
    Ivanka Trump Is Lying About Both Candidates’ Records on Family LeaveShe had trouble under even mild scrutiny, and instead revealed herself as just as defensive and dishonest as her father.
  8. hot shot
    Donald Trump Frightens Tiny PrincessThe Republican presidential candidate meets Little Miss Flint.
  9. investigations
    Is Hillary Clinton a Secret Millennial?Or at least that’s what she wants you to think.
  10. 2016 election
    Hillary Clinton Loves PillowsWhat won’t the Democrats do to win this election?
  11. this guy
    The Child-care Services Trump Says He Provides His Workers Don’t ExistThey’re programs for his hotel guests, not his employees.
  12. Stop Psychoanalyzing Trump From Afar, Psychiatrist Commands Other PsychiatristsIt’s “irresponsible, potentially stigmatizing, and definitely unethical,” the president of the American Psychiatric Association said.
  13. get out the vote
    You Can Now Register to Vote at Planned ParenthoodGet out the vote.
  14. lillith fair 2016
    Jill Stein’s ’90s Folk-Rock Albums Are a ReliefHear me out.
  15. Bernie Backers and the Psychology of What Might’ve BeenThis is practically a textbook example of the power of if onlys and what ifs.
  16. hot shot
    Rihanna Wins the Election With Shirt of Herself Wearing a Hillary Clinton ShirtBest election gear we’ve seen so far.