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2016 Olympics

  1. hacks
    Simone Biles Says She’s Not Ashamed of Her ADHDRussian hackers released her medical files.
  2. women in sports
    Controversial Soccer Player Hope Solo Goes on ‘Personal Leave’The Seattle Reign FC made the announcement on Twitter.
  3. our selfies ourselves
    Simone Biles Has Big Plans for the VMAsPrepare yourself for a Simone Biles and Kim Kardashian selfie-athon.
  4. mo medals mo problems
    Katie Ledecky Makes Man Hold Her Medals While She Throws Out First PitchThe Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper makes a great medal-hanger.
  5. boss women
    Not to Brag, But American Women Won the Most Medals in RioThey won more medals than most countries.
  6. short and sweet
    Laurie Hernandez Got a Sweet ‘Hello’ From Adam LevineBecause Zac Efron has had his moment.
  7. who wants a selfie?
    Everyone Wanted a Selfie With Simone BilesAs one announcer put it, they wanted the “Biles smile,” before going home.
  8. U.S. Boxer Claressa Shields Makes History With Second Gold MedalClaressa explains how to be an Olympic legend.
  9. goat
    U.S. Women’s Basketball Team Snags 6th Straight Gold Medal, NBDThe team beat Spain 101–72.
  10. Simone Biles Chosen to Be Team USA Flag-Bearer in Olympics Closing CeremonyLeader of the pack.
  11. running in circles
    What It Really Means to Train Like an OlympianIt’s not just their bodies that are strong.
  12. stressful situations
    Even Olympic Runners Forget Their Hair TiesHappens to the (actual) best of us.
  13. what would ryan lochte do
    A Helpful Explainer of Ryan Lochte’s International IncidentEverything you need to know about America’s No. 1 fugitive.
  14. American Women Have Achieved a Ton of Olympic Milestones in RioA few men have, too.
  15. 2016 olympics
    Kerri Walsh Jennings Is Fine With a Bronze Medal, Thanks for AskingOlympic bronze: not too shabby.
  16. questions and answers
    Ryan Lochte’s Robbery Story Is Being QuestionedDetails about Lochte and his teammates’ story has left Brazilian authorities with some questions.
  17. whoopsies
    Newspaper Labels Photo of Simone Biles ‘Gabby Douglas’Awkward.
  18. good things
    Watch Zac Efron’s Dreams Come True When He Meets Simone BilesThere’s a lot of screaming involved.
  19. can u not
    All Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison Wanted Was One Dang CheeseburgerCongrats, Olympic gluttons, you pissed off a judo champ.
  20. 2016 olympics
    Female Olympians Are the Ultimate Shine-Theory IconsAlthough they are pitted against each other for a limited number of medals, they are openly supportive of each other.
  21. frequent flyer miles
    Zac Efron Is a Simone Biles Superfan and He Flew All the Way to Rio to Prove ItIs this the beginning of a beautiful friendship IRL?
  22. 2016 olympics
    Stop Proposing at the OlympicsEnough already.
  23. Olympic Champions’ Minds Are Quieter Than YoursAll-out effort combined with all-out chill.
  24. 2016 olympics
    Simone Biles Wins Gold on Floor ExerciseShe leaves Rio with four golds and a bronze.
  25. Leslie Jones Rallies Support for Gabby Douglas After Online BullyingJones started the #LOVE4GABBYUSA hashtag on Twitter.
  26. weigh it in gold
    Michael Phelps’s Medals Weigh More Than His SonBecause he just has that many.
  27. 2016 olympics
    Laurie Hernandez Wins Silver on Balance BeamSimone Biles stumbled but still earned a bronze.
  28. tampons
    Why It’s Especially Surprising for a Chinese Swimmer to Talk About Her PeriodOnly a fraction of Chinese women use tampons.
  29. good things
    Bachelorette Party Crashes Live BBC Broadcast, Wins Olympics of Saying ‘Wooooo’Gold medals, all around.
  30. bad blood
    Chinese Swimmer Tells World She Has Her PeriodAnother thing women deal with.
  31. 2016 olympics
    9 Ways to Copy Gabby Douglas’s Lipstick ColorDeep burgundy dupes.
  32. can u not
    Chinese Diver’s Boyfriend Proposes, Ruins MomentThe BBC called Qin Kai’s proposal to He Zi “an even bigger prize.”
  33. living legends
    Simone Biles Is Now the Most Decorated American Gymnast of All TimeAfter winning a gold on vault, Biles set yet another record. Actually, three.
  34. 2016 olympics
    Near Tears, Gabby Douglas Addresses Critics“I apologize if [I seemed] really mad in the stands. I wasn’t.”
  35. 2016 olympics
    How to Design a Saudi Arabian Woman’s Running UniformBreathe, stretch, and looseness are all key.
  36. 2016 olympics
    Gymnast Gabby Douglas ‘Heartbroken’ Over Online BullyingDouglas’s mom, Natalie Hawkins, speaks out against the social-media bullying her daughter has experienced during the Olympics.
  37. draaahma!
    Yulia Efimova Talks Messy Olympics Doping Drama“This was more like a war.”
  38. 2016 olympics
    Monica Puig Wins First Olympic Gold Medal for Puerto RicoPuig won the women’s singles tournament in tennis.
  39. 2016 olympics
    South Korea Would Definitely Win The Hunger GamesIf Olympic archery is any indication.
  40. jeah!
    Here Are Ryan Lochte and Matthew McConaughey Chilling at the OlympicsJust Keep Jeah-ing.
  41. 2016 olympics
    CA Paper Apologizes for Simone Manuel HeadlineThe headline read, “Olympics: Michael Phelps shares historic night with African-American.”
  42. hot shot
    Here Is a Photo of Two Great SimonesSimone Biles and Simone Manuel take a selfie.
  43. 2016 olympics
    U.S. Women’s Basketball Coach: ‘We’re Living in a Trumpian Era of Sexism’After some said the women’s Olympic team was too dominant.
  44. party on!
    There Are People Carrying Around Huge Bags of Condoms for Olympic AthletesNow that’s service.
  45. jeah!
    Ryan Lochte Assures Tearful Nation That He’s Still Single and DTFThank you for clarifying, Ryan.
  46. jeah!
    Here’s a Shirtless Ryan Lochte Eating SpaghettiHe finally got his other pasta.
  47. Simone Biles Has the Perfect Comeback for People Comparing Her to Male AthletesA comparison to other male athletes? No, thank you.
  48. priceless
    Simone Manuel’s Reaction to Winning Is GoldSimone Manuel wasn’t expected to win in the 100-meter swimming freestyle. When she learned she won gold, she broke down in tears.
  49. Britain’s 42-Year-Old Distance Runner Is a Sign of Athletics to ComeAge is just a number, and aging depends on the body doing it.
  50. all of the medals
    Simone Biles Is the Greatest of All TimeThe Olympic gymnastics star is in a league of her own.
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