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2016 Olympics

  1. 2016 olympics
    Simone Biles Just Won Gold in Olympics Women’s All-Around The best gymnast in the world took what’s hers.
  2. 2016 olympics
    A Dumb Rule Screwed Gabby Douglas Out of the Women’s All-Around FinalsThere will be no repeat performance from her.
  3. Leslie Jones and Kerri Walsh Jennings: Rio BFFsJones continues to be a medal-worthy fan.
  4. The Olympic Winners’ Facial Expressions Are a Scientific MysteryPeople cover their mouths or touch their faces when they’re overcome with emotion, but researchers still have no idea why.
  5. everyday sexism
    Finally, Some Brave Men Speak Up About Why Female Olympians Should Wear MakeupHmmm.
  6. 2016 olympics
    Kristin Armstrong Won Third Olympic Gold at 42“For all the moms out there, I hope that this was a very inspiring day.” 
  7. 2016 olympics
    Katie Ledecky Is the Olympic Hero We NeedShe’s too busy winning to participate in your pettiness.
  8. 2016 olympics
    Nobody Is More Into the Olympics Than Matthew McConaugheyAlright alright alright!
  9. 2016 olympics
    Barack Obama Can’t Watch Olympic GymnasticsWe feel you, Barack.
  10. 2016 olympics
    The 7 Emotional Stages of the Olympics, As Told by Chinese Swimmer Fu YuanhuiHer face does not lie.
  11. Sports Psychologists Train Olympians’ Parents to Stay CalmAn athlete’s family can make a huge difference in their performance.
  12. jeah!
    Ryan Lochte Would Like You to Have a PuppyHere you go.
  13. are they actually friends
    Is the U.S. Gymnastics Team Really Friends?Let’s investigate.
  14. 2016 olympics
    Maybe Female Gymnasts Just Want Their Hair Out of Their FacesCan they live?
  15. 2016 olympics
    All of the Beautiful Twists and Braids at the OlympicsGod bless, ‘Merica.
  16. Male Olympic Divers and the Explicit Content That Wasn’tIt just looks weird.
  17. burning questions
    Here’s What the U.S. Gymnastics Team’s Leotards Are Made OfAn answer to your most urgent query.
  18. mooooooom!
    Even Olympic Champions Are Totally Mortified by Their ParentsAly Raisman and Simone Biles would like their parents to chill.
  19. water quality
    The Olympic Diving Pool That Resembled a Green Jello ShotDo the divers get a higher score for swimming in that?
  20. 2016 olympics
    The U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team Just Won GoldBy the largest margin on record with the current scoring system. 
  21. dopplegangers
    Woman Resembles Other, More Famous WomanHmmmm.
  22. aww
    Cerullo’s Girlfriend Proposed at the OlympicsWe’re not crying — you’re crying.
  23. debuts
    The First Ad Featuring a Trans Athlete Aired During the OlympicsChris Mosier stars in the fantastic Nike spot.
  24. rio olympics
    Rafaela Silva Won Brazil’s First Gold MedalAfter almost quitting the sport years back following some racist taunts online, Silva won gold in judo for her home country.
  25. 2016 olympics
    Hail Cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten, One ‘Super-Tough’ WomanShe’s on the mend after a terrifying crash.
  26. 10,000 Hours of Deliberate Practice Aren’t Going to Get You Olympic GoldScience just doesn’t know why great athletes are great.
  27. draaahma!
    How to Watch the Olympics If You Hate Sports But Love DramaOur greatest biannual reality show.
  28. jeah!
    Looks Like Ryan Lochte Is Dating a Playboy BunnyHer name is Kayla Rae Reid.
  29. seriously wtf
    A Second Olympic Boxer Has Been Arrested on Sexual-Assault ChargesJonas Junius was Namibia’s flag-bearer.
  30. elite tindering
    Handy Instagram Account Will Tell You Which Olympians Are on TinderFinally find out what Ryan Lochte’s Tinder profile looks like.
  31. everyday sexism
    Female Athletes at the Olympics Face SexismAnd we’re only four days in.
  32. 2016 olympics
    Iranian Woman Celebrates Her First Time at a Professional Sports GameWomen are banned from sports events in Iran; the Olympics let this one in. 
  33. gratuitous male objectification
    Men’s Gymnastics Team Literally Begging You to Objectify ThemThey just want as much attention as the women’s team, and they’re willing to try anything necessary to get it.
  34. proud parents
    Nobody Has Ever Been More Nervous Than Aly Raisman’s Parents at the OlympicsThe Raismans pick up where they left off in 2012.
  35. swellness
    Michael Phelps Has Clearly Been Reading Old Goop PostsCupping marks abound.
  36. dopplegangers
    Meet Olympian Brady Ellison, the Latest Leonardo DiCaprio DoppelgängerYet another Leo lookalike has emerged.
  37. american pride
    Medal for ‘Best Use of a Scrunchie’ at the Olympics Goes to Serena WilliamsOh, and her nail-game was on point, too.
  38. Doping Is As Weird and Old As the Olympics, and It’s Only Getting WeirderIt all started with sheep testicles.
  39. #nbcfail
    NBC Commentator Regrets What He Said on Live TVThis isn’t really helping.
  40. 2016 olympics
    Katinka Hosszú Breaks a World Record, But Commentators Give Her Husband CreditWhy should Shane Tusup get the credit?
  41. 2016 olympics
    Iran’s Flag-Bearer Is a Female Paralympic ArcherZahra Nemati is competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year.
  42. 2016 olympics
    Leslie Jones’s Twitter Is the Only Olympics Coverage You NeedWho you gonna call for your play-by-play?
  43. 2016 olympics
    NBC Blames Women for Late Olympics Broadcast, Extra CommercialsBecause women prefer reality TV.
  44. 2016 olympics
    Olympic Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad Schools Stephen ColbertEn garde!
  45. Everything You Need to Know About Tonga’s Flag-Bearer, Pita TaufatofuaGird your loins.
  46. 2016 olympics
    Olympians Took So Many Selfies at the Opening Ceremony Last NightHey, they’re only human.
  47. This 18-Year-Old Swam for Her Life in Syria, And Now She’s Swimming in Rio“When my sister wants to encourage me, she tells me: Show them what a refugee will do.”
  48. Apparently Olympic Horses Have Their Own PsychologistsThey get their own masseuses, too.
  49. 2016 olympics
    Olympic Boxer Hassan Saada Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault in RioThe Olympics are off to a great start.
  50. 2016 olympics
    Meet America’s First Olympian to Compete in a HijabShe’s a PATH train veteran.
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