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2016 Presidential Campaign

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    Watch Solange and Kelela Sing a Duet for Calvin KleinThe campaign that keeps on giving.
  2. politics
    Here’s How Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech Came TogetherA new book gives a behind-the-scenes look at how Hillary Clinton and her aides wrote the speech she never thought she’d give.
  3. Watch: One of the Women Who Accused Donald Trump of Sexual Assault Just Sued HimShe apparently passed a lie-detector test.
  4. Blaming Clinton’s Base for Her Loss Is the Ultimate InsultThe women and people of color who have the most to lose under Trump are receiving the lion’s share of the fault for our recent national cataclysm.
  5. Get a Rare Look at Hillary Clinton As a Grandmother in ActionAll of the feels.
  6. This Inspiring Colorado Woman Voted While She Was in LaborA true hero.
  7. Three Ways to Fight Anxiety on a Long and Scary Election DayThere’s no need to fall into the wait-refresh, wait-refresh cycle when you can use these tips instead.
  8. Why There Probably Won’t Be Much Election ViolenceAn expert on one of the more infamous recent examples of election violence sees few warning signs in the U.S.
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    There Is Now a Billboard-Sized Blanket Crocheted With Hillary Clinton’s FaceThe Polish-American artist Olek spent four weeks stitching the work for a billboard in New Jersey.
  10. race
    Want More Trump-like Politicians? Make White People Feel WhiterAs America gets closer and closer to being majority minority, white people will feel more threatened and politics will get uglier.
  11. Is Trump Turning ‘Fat’ Into a Swear Word?With the way he talks about Rosie O’Donnell, it sure sounds like it.
  12. Why You Hear Trump’s ‘Big League’ As ‘Bigly’The candidate, and your brain, is making shortcuts.
  13. get out the vote
    Knock, Knock! Miley Cyrus Wants to Know If You’re Voting for Hillary ClintonMiley Cyrus knocked on dorm-room doors to make sure students were planning to vote for Hillary Clinton.
  14. Trump and Hillary Show Totally Opposite Success Mind-setsDo you win because of talent? Or effort?
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    Here’s How People Reacted When Trump Said Clinton Is ‘Such a Nasty Woman’Donald Trump delivered the night’s most memorable and bizarre line.
  16. Maybe Trump Is Explained by His Disastrous Sleep Habits“Trump Syndrome”: “a ravenous late-night craving for stimulation that results in a sometimes sporadic, often slender sleep schedule.”
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    Most Women Voters Believe Trump Committed Sexual AssaultIn a new poll, 56 percent of female voters said they believe the accusations against Trump.
  18. Melania Trump Doesn’t Want People to Feel Sorry for Her“Don’t feel sorry for me. I can handle everything.”
  19. 2016 presidential campaign
    Melania Trump Defended Donald Trump While Joking She Has ‘Two Boys at Home’“I have my young son and I have my husband.”
  20. The Neurological Reason Fearmongering Is Such a Powerful Political ToolIf you want to convince people of something before they can even think about it, scare them.
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    More Women Accuse Donald Trump of Touching Them Inappropriately Without ConsentA woman says Trump groped her at Mar-a-Lago in 2003, and a 2013 Miss USA contestant says he grabbed her as well.
  22. Locker-Room Talk Is the Glue of the ‘Fratriarchy’It’s the lingua franca of the old boys’ club.
  23. Trump’s ‘Inner Cities’ Fetish Is Nostalgic, Messy RacismThe main things on fire in American “inner cities” are the home prices.
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    A Student Showed Up to a Donald Trump Event Wearing a ‘Grab My Pussy’ ShirtAnd she got some interestingly creepy reactions.
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    These Two Maps Prove This Election Is All About GenderAnd if Trump loses in November, it’s no thanks to men.
  26. What Is ‘Presidential Temperament,’ Anyway?To psychologists, temperament means the earliest signs of personality. Can you see it in Hillary and Donald?
  27. Trump and Clinton’s Airtime May Have Been a Draw, But the Interruptions Weren’tTrump had about a minute more airtime than Clinton.
  28. run away
    Some Creepy Guy Kept Standing Right Behind Hillary Clinton at the DebateLook out, Hillary!
  29. Arianne Zucker Releases Statement On Donald Trump and Billy Bush’s Comments“I have grown to learn that the words of others cannot effect the value of my self worth…”
  30. This Video of Donald Trump Bragging About Groping Women Is Extremely Disturbing“When you’re a star they let you do it.”
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    Why Is Donald Trump So Much More Thin-skinned Than Hillary Clinton?The answer touches on an interesting debate within personality psychology.
  32. we’re doomed
    You Aren’t the Only One Having Panic Attacks About the ElectionTherapists across six states and Washington, D.C., say Americans are suffering from more anxiety due to the election and a potential Trump presidency.
  33. Trump Implied That ‘Strong’ People Don’t Get PTSD. He’s Wrong.It sounded like it was an innocent mistake, but it’s still a harmful myth.
  34. political psychology
    Maybe There’s Some Hope for Political Fact-checking After AllNew research suggests that we shouldn’t be overly gloomy about the potential for fact-checking to correct people’s political misperceptions.
  35. everyday sexism
    This Powerful Ad Shows Why Sexism Is Trump’s Biggest WeaknessShe used his own sexist words against him.
  36. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Has a Paid-Maternity-Leave Policy, It’s Just ‘Not Written Down’ YetPerhaps someone should find a pen.
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    Jane Goodall Explains Donald Trump’s Debate ‘Strategy’The one-on-one format of the debates could make it harder for Trump to go Full Trump.
  38. sick burn
    Out-of-Control Goddess Martha Stewart Just Totally Dissed Donald TrumpOne guess whom she’s voting for.
  39. everyday sexism
    Men Are Still Telling Hillary Clinton to SmileNice to know even shattering the highest, hardest glass ceiling doesn’t protect you from being told to smile more.
  40. everyday sexism
    Trump Campaign Chief Once Called a Female Employee a ‘Bimbo’Steve Bannon is about as sexist as his boss.
  41. The 2016 Election, According to 8-Year-OldsJust how much are kids picking up about this election from their parents?
  42. Stop Psychoanalyzing Trump From Afar, Psychiatrist Commands Other PsychiatristsIt’s “irresponsible, potentially stigmatizing, and definitely unethical,” the president of the American Psychiatric Association said.
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    Trump Supporter Beat Wife Who Backs ClintonOnly this election.
  44. for the girls
    Hillary Clinton Says Tonight Is for the Girls“Yes, you can be anything you want — even president.”