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2016 Presidential Election

  1. politics
    Your Taste in Jeans May Have Influenced the ElectionHow Cambridge Analytica used fashion data from Facebook to help Trump.
  2. actual fake news
    Donald Trump Messed Up His Statistic About the Number of Women Who Voted for HimHe must’ve been thinking about the percent of white women who voted for him.
  3. When Trump’s America Doesn’t Feel Like Home AnymoreFour disillusioned voters talk about no longer feeling connected to the places that shaped their lives.
  4. donald trump
    Why Some Protests Succeed While Others FailHistory and academic research have some vital lessons for those who are hitting the streets to protest Donald Trump.
  5. There’s (More) Hope for Political Fact-checkingTwo new tests of the so-called backfire effect bring an important update — and a lesson of how social-science collaboration should work.
  6. social contagion
    Please, Tell All Your Friends That You’re VotingBecause democracy really is contagious.