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  1. We Asked 9 Instagram Artists to Illustrate 2016 StyleFrom Ali Wong to Stranger Things.
  2. A Year of Kristen Stewart Giving the Middle FingerA middle finger for every occasion.
  3. legends
    In 2016, We Lost 3 Of The Greatest Fashion Icons Of All TimeWhat we learned from Prince, David Bowie, and Bill Cunningham.
  4. everyday heroes
    The Best Everyday Heroes of 2016Bravery, courage, pettiness, and a whole lot of pizza.
  5. We Are All This Happy Panda in the SnowSo fluffy! 
  6. the election
    Hillary Clinton Is Winning the Fashion Schmoozing RaceBy a landslide.
  7. early and often
    Ben Carson Admits There May Be a War on ‘What’s Inside of Women’Chill out — they’re only after some non-vital organs.
  8. politics
    Women Politicians and the Relatability ProblemWhy the assumption that men won’t connect to female candidates?
  9. speculation
    Was Bill Clinton Auditioning for First Lady Again Last Night?What a pleasant distraction from a frightening campaign.