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2019 In Review

  1. best of the cut
    Binge the Best of The Cut on TuesdaysA roundup of our favorite episodes of the Cut’s podcast.
  2. 2019 in review
    The Year in Female SolidarityThe U.S. Women’s soccer team, Hustlers, the Squad, and more of our favorite instances of women supporting women this year.
  3. famous hair
    Hang These Photos of Timothée Chalamet’s Hair in the LouvreIt’s a work of art.
  4. 2019 in review
    The Biggest Boys of 2019From Cousin Greg to the Mandalorian.
  5. 2019 in review
    The Best Influencer Drama of 2019From the vegan blogger who ate fish to James and Tati.
  6. 2019 in review
    The 9 Best Sex Diaries of 2019From possible sex addicts to four-person polycules.
  7. 2019 in review
    The Cut’s 10 Most-Read Stories of 2019Including a viral Ask Polly, influencer drama, and incels going under the knife.
  8. 2019 in review
    The Most Cursed Moments Of 2019From “alive girl” to Kylie Jenner’s Handmaid’s Tale party.
  9. 2019 in review
    The 7 Moments That Defined AOC’s Freshman YearA look back at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s historic first year in Congress.
  10. 2019 in review
    What Didn’t We Stick in Our Hair in 2019?Not much, to be perfectly honest.
  11. 2019 in review
    Who Hustled the Hardest in 2019?An exhaustive list of all J.Lo’s achievements this year.
  12. 2019 in review
    The Year in AliensIn 2019, we (almost) stormed Area 51, and we absolutely proved Tom DeLonge right.
  13. 2019 in review
    The Year in Bras As ShirtsFrom Katie Holmes’s viral cashmere bra to Kirsten Stewart’s leather one.