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2020 Elections

  1. 2020 elections
    Our First Female Vice President-ElectKamala Harris will also be the first Black woman and the first person of South Asian descent to assume the title.
  2. power
    Who Really Thinks the Future Is Female?Today, AOC endorsed an all-female slate of progressive candidates. Nancy Pelosi chose to back a sitting congressman with anti-choice views.
  3. so you want to be president
    How to Talk to Your Boomers About BloombergA helpful guide.
  4. sure why not
    Anybody Want to See a Free TLC Concert?There’s one catch.
  5. so you want to be president
    The Worst Things Michael Bloomberg Has Said About Women“I’d like to do that piece of meat,” he allegedly remarked of female employees.
  6. fights
    Wow, Look at This Photo of Trump and Bloomberg FightingAnother riveting day of politics!
  7. 2020 elections
    Who Are ‘Lex’ and ‘Rex’?A look at two key members of Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign.
  8. iowa caucus
    What the Heck Is Going on in Iowa?Somehow, the Iowa caucus results still aren’t all in.
  9. who?
    Indistinguishable Buff Man Drops Out of the Presidential RacePour out some protein powder for John Delaney’s campaign.
  10. tim ryan (??)
    Mysterious Entity Emerges From Ether to Endorse Joe BidenFormer candidate “Tim” “Ryan” endorsed the former vice-president during an appearance on Morning Joe.
  11. so you want to be president
    So Who Is Still Running for President?There are still, somehow, 19 Democratic candidates.
  12. 2020 elections
    Groundhogs Everywhere Can Rest Easy NowBill de Blasio has dropped out of the presidential race.
  13. the body politic
    How I Learned to (Try to) Stop Asking Female Candidates About SexismThere’s still no good way to talk about the experience of having had bias, prejudice, and discrimination work against you.
  14. tim ryan (??)
    Tim Ryan (?) Drops Album, Becomes World’s Most Obscure BandA review of “A New and Better Agenda”.
  15. so you want to be president
    Kristen Gillibrand Has Dropped Out of the Presidential RaceShe made the announcement after failing to qualify for the third primary debate.
  16. 2020 elections
    Really, This Is ‘Most Electable’?Joe Biden and a never-ending stream of gaffes.
  17. politics
    The Owner of SoulCycle and Equinox Is Throwing a Fancy Trump FundraiserTo the dismay of many fans of the gym chain and stationary-bicycle lifestyle cult.
  18. the body politic
    Talking Teaching With Elizabeth Warren, the Most Professorial Candidate EverShe has been instructing students since she was 8 years old. But does America want to be taught?
  19. so you want to be president
    Horniness for Jay Inslee Is a Renewable ResourceI don’t know if it was the Clark Kent glasses or his continued commitment to clean energy, but on Wednesday everyone got horny for Inslee.
  20. 2020 elections
    A Guide to All the Indistinguishable Men Running for PresidentHow to tell these six men apart.
  21. democratic debates
    Marianne Williamson Says Reparations Are ‘a Debt That Is Owed’The spiritual guru is a controversial candidate, but her full-throated support of reparations on the Democratic debate stage was welcome to many.
  22. 2020 elections
    John Hickenlooper (?) Posts Thirst Trap Before DebateAn ego boost? Or a last ditch effort to be recognized onstage?
  23. so you want to be president
    A Guide to Marianne Williamson, the Spiritual Guru Running for PresidentShe has officially qualified for the first Democratic debate.
  24. 2020 elections
    Stop Running for President and Enjoy SummerDrop out now and go to the beach, why not.
  25. collabs
    Mayor Pete Won’t Be Taking His Horse to the Old Town RoadA collab between the presidential candidate and Lil Nas X did not occur.
  26. so you want to be president?
    Marianne Williamson Edited Herself Into That Vogue PhotoFixed it for you!
  27. roommates
    Wait, Marianne Williamson and Laura Dern Used to Be Roommates?Transcendental meditation works in mysterious ways.
  28. 2020 elections
    Kamala Harris Made Joe Biden Answer for His PastAnd it was very satisfying.
  29. so you want to be president
    Who Is Andrew Yang and Why Do the Gen-Z Kids Love Him?#YangGang.
  30. 2020 elections
    Which U.S. Presidents Were Wife Guys? An InvestigationHow many of our commanders-in-chief have fit the newest loathsome internet archetype?
  31. so you want to be president
    Elizabeth Warren Wants to Ban ‘Corrupt and Inhumane’ Private PrisonsPrivate prisons are notoriously abusive. Elizabeth Warren says she’s got a plan for that.
  32. 2020 elections
    Marianne Williamson Is Sorry for Calling Vaccines ‘Orwellian’The spiritual adviser–slash–2020 candidate says she “misspoke.”
  33. 2020 elections
    Which 2020 Candidate’s Comfort Food Is the Most Haunting?“A BAKED POTATO.”
  34. so you want to be president
    Planned Parenthood Is Hosting a Forum for Democratic 2020 CandidatesDemocrats will be asked directly about their records on reproductive rights.
  35. 2020 elections
    The Biden Family Gets the Vogue TreatmentThey look like more-casual Kennedys.
  36. cut field trips
    Raving With 2020’s Most Spiritual CandidateMarianne Williamson hopes the 7 a.m. dance enthusiasts will vote, and she’ll be there for them when they do.
  37. the body politic
    Breaking: Nobody Knows What’s Going to Happen in 2020We’ve never had candidates like this before, and anyone who tells you they know what’s happening just doesn’t.
  38. so you want to be president
    A Guide to Elizabeth Warren’s (Many) 2020 Policy ProposalsFrom student-debt relief to universal child care.
  39. so you want to be president
    Elizabeth Warren Will Absolutely Not Be Doing a Fox News Town Hall“Fox News is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists.”
  40. so you want to be president
    A Running List of Things Joe Biden Hasn’t Apologized ForFrom harmful policies to his alleged inappropriate behavior, there’s a lot he hasn’t said sorry for.
  41. 2020 elections
    Why… Is Biden’s Announcement Tweet…Like That?Already, the worst part of the 2020 election is shaping up to be the tweets.
  42. so you want to be president
    Kamala Harris Calls for Trump to Be ImpeachedShe joined Elizabeth Warren in supporting impeachment proceedings at a recent town hall.
  43. so you want to be president
    Elizabeth Warren Wants to Cancel Student Debt and Make College FreeHer new, sweeping plan would wipe out nearly all student loan debt.
  44. politics
    Kirsten Gillibrand Has Endorsed Steps to Reduce Racial Wealth GapShe has endorsed a proposal authored by policy experts.
  45. so you want to be president
    Elizabeth Warren Puts Together the Biggest 2020 Campaign Team YetShe’s outspent other Democratic candidates on campaign payroll.
  46. 2020 elections
    Are Any of the Paid Family Leave Plans Actually Any Good?A guide to the FAMILY Act, New Parents Act, and Cradle Act.
  47. so you want to be president
    Kamala Harris Has Already Raised $12 Million for Her CampaignIn the first quarter of her 2020 presidential bid.
  48. 2020 elections
    Wait, Sorry, How Do You Pronounce Buttigieg?A helpful guide.
  49. so you want to be president
    What to Know About Mayor Pete (Buttigieg)Everything from what he thinks about health care to James Joyce.
  50. so you want to be president
    Beto Simply Cannot Stay Off the CountertopWhy does he love standing there so much?
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